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Entertainment Ten: Justin Bieber, The Bachelor, and Lorde

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Hey, collegiettes! The first round of exams is over (or close to it). What better way to reward yourself than this week’s Entertainment Ten? I had to put in a little something about Justin Bieber and the trouble he’s gotten himself into. There’s also controversy surrounding the latest Bachelor, Quentin Tarantino’s leaked script, and Lorde’s reaction to fans after winning two Grammys.

1. Justin Bieber’s trial date has been set. Looks like Biebs is getting a belated birthday present — another trip to court! A Miami judge has set the trial date for March 3. My guess? Homeboy will probably have to do community service, but I doubt he will actually serve jail time.

2. Quentin Tarantino is suing the website that leaked his script. “The Hateful Eight” was a potential western that Tarantino was planning to shoot about a year from now. He wrote a first draft of the script, gave it to six trusted confidants, and the script was leaked to Gawker. Tarantino announced he was shelving the project after the leak and is suing the website for copyright infringement. Tarantino also said he wants to publish the script as a book instead of making a movie out of it.

3. Simon Helberg is expecting a baby. The Big Bang Theory star revealed at the recent Screen Actors Guild Awards that he and his wife are expecting their second child. The two already have a daughter named Adeline, born in 2012.

4. The Bachelor is facing backlash after an anti-gay remark. Juan Pablo Galavis was interviewed by TV Page and is on-record saying gay and bisexual people should not be allowed on The Bachelor. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Galavis said, “They’re more perverted in a sense. To me, the show would be too strong, too hard to watch on TV.” Galavis went on to say it would be too hard for kids to watch the show if contestants were gay or bisexual. But, apparently, it is okay for kids to watch the current cesspool that is Galavis parading around with women. Galavis apologized on Facebook for his comments, saying they were taken out of context.

5. Gene Simmons will guest star on CSIThe KISS musician will star as himself during the 14th season of the popular crime show. The episode is slated to air on March 12 and is described as a “rock-and-roll-themed murder mystery,” according to executive producers Don McGill and Carol Mendelsohn.

6. Chris Pratt will star in the next Jurassic ParkPratt, known for his role on Parks and Recreation, will star in the next installment of the Jurassic Park franchise. Pratt has said he is a huge fan of the series, calling it “my Star Wars.” The name of the next movie is Jurassic World, and it is scheduled to be released on June 12 next year.

7. Lorde is not only talented, she’s humble. The 17-year-old just won two Grammys, and, to show her appreciation to her fans, she placed a full-page ad in the New Zealand Herald. The ad was a handwritten note from the singer thanking her fans for their support and expressing her amazement at having won. You go, girl!

8. Sara Bareilles fired her manager after he fought with the Osbournes. Why anyone still cares about the Osbournes would make a better story. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bareilles’ manager, Jordan Feldstein, got into a fight with Sharon and Kelly Osbourne at a pre-Grammy party. According to E! Online, Bareilles and Feldstein were at a table with Kelly Osbourne when Feldstein got into an argument with her, allegedly over a comment he made about Jack Osbourne and his wife. Kelly left angrily, only to be replaced by her mother, Sharon Osbourne, who started yelling, tipped a plate of food in Feldstein’s lap, and threw water at him. Bareilles fired Feldstein shortly after the incident. Feldstein, who is Jonah Hill’s brother, also manages Robin Thicke and Maroon 5. This is probably one of the stranger stories I’ve ever heard.

9. Seth Meyers was interviewed by Time about his new show. It’s a bittersweet story: Meyers will be leaving SNL and taking over Late Night from Jimmy Fallon, who is taking over The Tonight Show. Meyers’ new gig begins Feb. 24 and will be a blend of a traditional late-night show and what Meyers brings from SNL. He’ll have a desk and interview celebrities, but according to Time, he wants to bring on more “authors and politicians,” along with sketches. I love Seth Meyers and can’t wait to watch him!

10. Drake Bell wants Biebs deported. To bookend this week’s list, here’s a funny little tidbit: Drake Bell apparently has a beef with the Canadian singer. Remember the Twitter war between Bell and Bieber fans back in 2012? Bell insulted the singer and was instantly hit with a barrage of angry and threatening tweets. Since then, Bell has not been shy about continuing to tweet about his dislike of Bieber. Now, he is retweeting the link to the White House petition requesting that Bieber be deported. We all know it’s not going to happen, but solidarity to the Drake and Josh star for saying what many  are really thinking about the “Confident” singer.

Have a great week, collegiettes

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