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DIY Halloween Costumes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Are Halloween plans leaving you feeling more stressed than spooky? No worries!
Whether you’re looking for a creative idea or a cheap alternative to party store prices, why not try your hand at putting together a costume? With just a little time and a few items you might already own, we’ll show you how to piece together a cute party outfit that will stand out from the crowd (and keep you in budget)!

Stand out from the crowd with a flashy flamingo costume! Sew, hot glue, or double-stick tape pink feather boas around the top and bottom of a strapless black dress. Paint a $1 plastic mask bright pink and attach the remaining feathers (to create a beak, you can transform plastic devil horns by removing one and painting it pink and black!). Complete the look with long black gloves and/or black tights.
Grab a friend and tackle this colorful parrot project together: using bright colors from a skirt or dress you already own, buy a couple yards of inexpensive polyester from a local craft store. Start with a base layer of fabric (old pillowcases or sheets work as well!) and sew or staple the “feathers” in overlapping rows; if your base layer doesn’t match, add “feathers” to the other side, as well. Wings can be attached to your wrists and neck using ribbon. Add feathers to a cute headband or ponytail, and check out this colorful makeup tutorial (http://youtu.be/3bWVuFMUEYo?t=34s) to complete the look!
Ruffle your feathers and steal the spotlight with a Black Swan” costume (a la Natalie Portman). The basics consist of a black leotard and tutu; however, if you are low on money and time, try using a black camisole (attach a few black feathers along the neckline) and creating your own tulle skirt (http://www.squidoo.com/make-your-own-no-sew-tutu). Weave a thick ribbon under your feet and around your ankles to transform everyday black flats into a ballerina’s point shoes. Finish off the look with a tight bun, plastic tiara and the signature stunning “Black Swan” eye makeup.

A black dress can be centerpiece for just about any Halloween costume – even a tiger! If you don’t own any animal-print clothing, then try getting creative with body paint and makeup (try a combination of cream shadows, eyeliners and bronzers- in this case, the more orange, the better!). Cut out black or orange felt to create ears and attach them to a headband. Sick of stripes? Look for leopard or cheetah inspired pieces (skirts, flats, etc.) to start your look and then…go wild!
A cute Hello Kitty costume can start with a simple pink skirt (or tutu, if you follow our Black Swan tutorial!) and inexpensive white tee; using a Sharpie marker or black fabric paint, you can outline the character’s face on the shirt – or just draw whiskers on your own! A cute red hair bow, white felt ears, and a pair of red or pink pumps complete the look! (If you’re looking to save time, Hot Topic sells various Hello Kitty costume accessories both in-store and on its website: http://search.hottopic.com/search?p=Q&lbc=hottopic&uid=505115574&ts=moby&w=hello%20kitty&method=and&isort=score&cnt=96)

Bring back summer by creating a colorful strawberry dress! If you don’t have a red dress, try purchasing a couple yards of bright red fabric (or pink, for watermelon) at a local craft store – you’ll need small black (seeds) and green (leaves) pieces as well, which you can attach to the dress using thread, hot glue or double-stick tape. Accessorize with matching heels and cute earrings, and don’t forget to spray on a little fruity, summery perfume!
Kiss your costume blues goodbye with an easy-to-make Hershey’s Kiss outfit! A shiny silver skirt or dress is the perfect starting point, but if you need to save time, aluminum foil works just as well (just make sure to secure it tightly!) Pull your hair up and secure it with a long, white “Hershey’s” ribbon, and finish the outfit off with chocolate brown heels.

Wow the crowd with a flashy Wonder Woman costume! Tuck a bright red tank or tube top into a blue skirt (or boy shorts, if you prefer the 1970s Spandex look) and secure thick gold ribbon around your waist and along the neckline of your top. Use the remaining ribbon to create a headband and wrist cuffs (gold glitter foam sheets work, as well!). Pick up a pack of stick-on stars and apply to the skirt and accessories. Give your hair a light curl and check out this fun makeup tutorial (http://youtu.be/4fUT8N-iSv8?t=29s) to complete your powerful, patriotic look!
Finally, you can always fall back on a last-minute favorite: the toga. We’ve got some ideas to create a glam gladiator look that you’ll love! Helpful YouTube videos like this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTDRroxbSt4&feature=related) or this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4hvoFO-lUk) teach you how to make your folding more fashionable than frumpy. Various different gold ribbons, braids and tassels by the yard; use a combination of these to tie a belt for your costume. Keep your hair in soft waves or a loose braid, and don’t forget strappy sandals and plenty of gold accessories!