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Dishes ‘n’ DIYs: How To Make Your Ramen Gourmet

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.



We all know the struggle of living off ramen noodles, as much as we wish we didn’t. But what if I told you you could make ramen even more delicious—and healthy too—so you no longer have to feel bad about eating it every day (or more). There are many different things you can do to your ramen to make it gourmet, and here are a few:



1. Add an egg: Adding an egg to your ramen adds protein and substance to the soup, and there are different ways to do it. One way is to poach the egg. Once the noodles are almost cooked, crack an egg into the water. Don’t stir for about 3 minutes. The second way to add an egg is stirring it in like egg drop soup. Before the noodles are almost done, crack an egg in a bowl and scramble it. Then, while stirring the soup in one direction, slowly pour in the egg. Voila! Ramen egg drop soup.

2. Add spinach: An easy and nutritious addition to your ramen is the sweet green leaves of spinach. When your ramen is practically done, grab a big handful of spinach and toss it in the pot, then cover it until the leaves are steamed and stir them in. You can add other vegetables that take longer to cook, but be sure to add them at the same time as the noodles.

3. Use real broth: I know those chicken flavoring packets may seem like a delicious addition, but they are full of MSG and are the ingredient that makes ramen not so good for you. Use real chicken, beef or vegetable (shout out to my vegetarians!) broth to cook your noodles. The flavor will go in the noodles to make it fuller and richer.

4. Try Thai curry paste: For a little spice and extra flavor in your ramen, add in some Thai curry paste, or another similar product. You can usually find this in the international foods section of your grocery store. Add in the paste during any time while you cook your noodles!

5. Sprinkle sriracha: Sriracha is a great addition to almost everything, so don’t think ramen is any different. Add it bite by bite or stir it in for a spicy flavor throughout.

6. Use tofu: While chicken is a great protein to mix in, tofu is my go-to because it’s so quick to cook and takes on any other flavors you add. It’s also great for vegetarians. Chop up your tofu into tiny cubes, then throw them in with you noodles!

Next time you’re cooking up ramen (and we all know you will be soon), add in some of these simple ingredients to make a bowl of noodles you’ll never forget (and your stomach will thank you).


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