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Dishes ‘n’ DIYs: 5 Ways To Revamp Old T-Shirts

We all know the struggle of the overfilled T-shirt drawer or the seemingly endless piles of shirts scattered on the floor. It’s one thing to get shirts… but getting rid of old T-shirts is harder. With these DIY projects you can make use of your T-shirts you never got around to throwing away by making them into something useful like a bag, or preserving the memories in a quilt.

1. T-shirt quilt

Buying T-shirts as souvenirs always seems like a good idea when you’re on the yearly family vacation, but one day the shirt will get worn out, or inevitably shrink in the wash. When this happens, save the memories by making a quilt with the shirts. If your sewing skills aren’t great, you can always get away with hot glue.

2. T-shirt bag

You can officially stop looking for the perfect beach bag because this is it – and all you need are scissors and a T-shirt. With this design, all you have to do is cut the collar very deep on both sides, as well as the sleeves so the straps form handles. To seal the bottom, cut strips to make a fringe, then tie the two sides together.

3. T-shirt scarf

In Florida, even lightweight scarves can be too hot sometimes, but imagine a thin, cute scarf made of breathable T-shirt cotton. The instructions call for a little bit of sewing, but not to worry, hot glue will do the trick, too. With a cute braid on this accessory, no one will ever know it used to be an old T-shirt.

4. T-shirt headband

If you aren’t in love with the ’70s sweatband look when you work out, but you still would like to keep the sweat off your neck, this DIY project is perfect for you. The cute braid is not only a great accessory for any outfit, but the fabric also absorbs your sweat if you use it to exercise.

5. T-shirt rug

Finding a rug that matches your room or bathroom can be hard, but making one from old T-shirts will help you with the task. You can do one color, with T-shirts that are the same color, or multicolored and create your own design. All you need is a grip mat and small ties cut from shirts.

Start piling up the shirts you no longer wear and plan for a day of fun DIY crafts. Most of these don’t even require sewing, which makes for even easier crafting. Add color to your shirt before you make them into bags and headbands by tie-dying the white ones! Soon, your accessories will be as colorful as your T-shirt drawer.

Photo credits: totallystitchin.net, youtube.com, crafthubs.com, totallygreencrafts.com. wemakeitbeautiful.wordpress.com

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