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Dishes ‘n’ DIYs: 5 Things To Do With Your Empty Wine Bottles

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

If after a night of Netflix and wine with the girls (or by yourself) you throw away the empty wine bottles: stop. Put them to use with cute crafts and DIY projects that are perfect for a lazy Sunday project or a gift for your favorite wine lover. With a few simple steps you can turn the leftovers of the night before into something to brighten your day after. Most of these require a bottle cutter, which can be found at craft stores, but there are other ways to cut glass, too.

1. Mini garden
Succulents are all the rage right now, but just imagine a little succulent growing out of a wine glass. It’s the perfect way to add some nature to your room and reuse your old bottles. Cut your bottle around the middle or lengthwise and lay it sideways, then fill with dirt and start your little garden. Succulents can be found at your local farmer’s market for only a dollar, which is perfect for a college budget.

2. Cups
After this craft you can drink wine out of the bottle! Similar to the last, cut the bottle around the width, but with this one, be sure to sand down the sides so they’re smooth. The dark glasses will add a rustic and crafty vibe to your next evening glass of wine. With all the wine bottles thrown away after girls’ night, you might already have a set.

3. Candles
If you’re looking for a cute addition to your bathroom or kitchen, a wine glass candle is the perfect thing. After cutting the bottle as tall or short as you want, fill it with store-bought wax and a string, or head to a DIY wax tutorial like this one. Make different color candles for festive seasons, or cut the bottles to different heights to create a cute centerpiece for your table or a classy windowsill decoration.

4. Vases
Buying a vase to hold flowers may seem expensive and pointless to buy for most collegiettes, but with this DIY you can make a cheap, cute vase that will come in handy when you need it. Paint the inside or outside any color you want, then wrap the bottle with cute ribbon or cover it in glitter for a festive feel. A vase is perfect for clear bottles because the paint will show up clearly and beautifully.

5. Candle holders
This is another DIY that’s perfect if you don’t have a bottle cutter or don’t have the time to spend on a project. For a quick centerpiece, just stick a tall skinny candle in the top of a wine bottle. As it melts, it will drip down the sides creating a unique look, but be sure to put something under the bottle. White wax on a green bottle really pops and looks great for any occasion. Be sure to clean off the label for a finished look.

Use up those empty bottles with these fun DIYs and mix up your weekend routine, too! An empty bottle may not seem like a good starting point for your next craft, but after revamping one, you’ll be a believer. Before you throw away your next bottle, be sure to remember these DIYs.

Photo credits: www.huffpost.com