Dishes ‘n’ DIYs: 5 Perfect DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day fills us with love and excitement but also stress. Choosing what to gift a loved one can be tough, but sometimes a handmade gift is the perfect choice. These DIY Valentine’s Day gifts show how much you care, and they're perfect for anyone in your life, from a new beau to a long-term S.O. and even your best friends to show you love them, too. Not only will your valentines love their gift, but you’ll love making it!

1. Customized Mug
What you need: Ceramic mug, oil-based sharpie
This mug is perfect for the coffee lovers in your life. Start with a plain ceramic mug and customize it to fit their personality with cute quotes or intricate drawings. After you’re done decorating, put it in a cool oven and heat to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, let it bake for 30 minutes, turn the oven off and remove the mug when it’s cool again (this prevents the mug from breaking). Lacking inspiration? Coffee puns are always a good choice. “I love you a whole latte” is always a crowd-pleaser.   

2. 52 Reasons I Like You Card Deck
What you need: A deck of cards, hole punch, string/ribbon, decoration supplies
For someone who means a whole lot to you, this is the perfect gift to show them that. Decorate each card with a something you like about them, then punch a hole or two on the side. When you’re done, run string or ribbon through the holes and tie them all together to make a book of 52 reasons why you like them. This small, playful gift will stay with them for a long time and really lets them know you care.

3. Memory Jar
What you need: A cute jar, a collection of memorabilia from your relationship
This simple gift may not require much work, but it will convey your love and caring in a way a store-bought gift never could. Fill the jar with things from your relationship: tickets from movies you saw, receipts from dinners together or little pictures of the two of you. You can decorate the jar if you want, but often the memories speak for themselves.

4. Pre-planned Date Nights
What you need: Cardstock, hole punch, pen, ribbon/string, scissors, pen
Having a hard time deciding what to do together? This gift is the right solution. Think of date ideas, then decorate cards with the ideas written on them. This tutorial does 12 (one for each month of the year) but make it your own by doing whatever number you want, with cute personalized touches to show you thought hard about where these dates will take you.

5. String Art
What you need: A piece of wood, nails, hammer, string
For those in your life who need a little help decorating, this is a great gift. Choose a shape that they have a connection with, or go with the classic heart. You can use whatever size board and shape you want. Put nails around the edge of the board, then nail the shape of your choosing in the middle. Run string from the outer nails to the inner ones, and the beauty will slowly come to life! Help them hang it on their walls and they’ll be reminded of you every time they see it.

Show your loved ones you care with these handmade gifts from the heart. While they might not cost a lot, your thoughtfulness and caring will shine and show you put a lot of work into their gift! Plus, you’ll enjoy making these DIY gifts almost as much as you’ll enjoy watching their face light up when they open it.

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