Dishes ‘n’ DIYs: 5 Nifty Bottle Cap DIYs

After a night with a few friends over or a night with all your friends over, being left with more than a few bottle caps is likely. Luckily, there’s more to do with those caps than throwing them in the recycling bin. Save your caps up for a table, a frame or use one at a time to make cute refrigerator magnets. With these DIY projects you can turn the leftovers of a late night into a pretty decoration!

1. Bottle Cap Mirror
The gist of this project is pretty simple: Start with a mirror of any size, and glue the caps on around it. To mix it up a bit, make a pattern in the frame using the different colors of the caps, or if you’re making it for a friend, use his or her favorite brands.

2. Bottle Cap Frame
This is similar to the mirror, but a little more versatile. Find old frames that need a revamp or find a cheap one in store — either way you will end up with a cute room accessory. You can frame a picture of you and your bestie, or even make it a little chalkboard.

3. Bottle Cap Garden Art
Whether you have a house and a garden, or just a cute potted plant lighting up your room, garden art made from bottle caps will add pizzazz to your plants. With old bottle caps, use old hot glue to put them in a flower pattern, then paint them to look how you want! A plant with a bottle cap flower that matches your room with be a unique addition to your decorations.

4. Bottle Cap Magnets
Possibly the easiest and most useful bottle cap DIY there is: magnets. With hot glue and a magnet on the underside, you’ve got yourself a funky, useful household item. Leave them unpainted or add your own flair with paint to match your house. Next time you leave a note for your roomie, stick on the fridge with a new bottle cap magnet.

5. Bottle Cap Table
This is probably the most complicated of bottle cap projects, and it takes a lot of commitment. Collect as many bottle caps as needed to cover your chosen table (choose anything from a full beer pong table to a small side table). Once you’ve collected enough, figure out how you want to set them up: random, target pattern or in the shape of a school logo. Then use epoxy glue to glue down the caps in your pattern, and cover them in more epoxy for a smooth finish.

No longer waste your tossed-aside bottle caps and put them to use as a cute, quirky addition to your home. If you can’t decide which project to choose, just start collecting them in hopes of choosing one day. The great part about these is that most don’t require a lot of caps, except the table, so if you’re impatient like me you won’t have to collect for long before you’re ready to craft.

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