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Dishes ‘n’ DIYs: 5 DIY Life Hacks for the Everyday College Girl

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

When people think of DIY projects, they usually imagine time-consuming, frilly crafts and remodeling furniture. But I’m here to show you that even the simplest DIYs can make the biggest impact on your daily life! Don’t waste your time; check out these 5 simple life hack DIYs to make your life 10 times easier.

1. Food listDo you ever find yourself not using all of the food in your fridge? The easiest way to avoid this is by making a list of all your food, taking account of the expiration dates, and posting it on your fridge. When you’ve used something, put a tally mark next to it, and when it’s finished, cross it out. This way you can differentiate what you use most and what ingredients you could use more often!

2. Strangely reliable valuables holderOkay, I know this sounds like a strange one, but don’t doubt this life hack! Pads aren’t just for keeping your clothes safe at that time of the month. They keep your prized possessions out of harms way! Keep your valuables in a clean, empty pad holder when you leave your house or just in your room. It’s the last place anyone would look if he or she were to go through your stuff without permission, so you can be sure that your favorite things are safe.

3. Tidy curly cordsKeep your cords organized and tangle-free with this DIY. Wrap the charging cord of your choice around a pencil. Blow dry the wrapped chord for five minutes on high heat. Let the chord cool for two minutes around the pencil, and there you have it: a compact charger you can take with you on the go. This will spare you all of those frustrating times you’ve wasted precious study hours trying to untangle your chargers at Marston Science Library.

4. Worry-free microwave cleanerGot a greasy, gross mess in your microwave? No need to scrub that thing down and ruin your freshly done nails! Take a bowl, add two cups of water and a tablespoon of white vinegar, and heat it in the microwave for four minutes. This will cause the cleansing steam to spread within the microwave, detaching thick residue from the inner walls. Take a clean, dry paper towel and easily wipe down the inside!

5. VaselineIn my opinion, this is by far the most underrated life hack out there: vaseline. By itself, Vaseline can be used for so many different everyday situations. Rub it on your brows, lips or cheekbones to add a glowing, moisturized look. Put a coat on your lashes every night for a longer, thicker look. If you dye your hair, apply a thin layer onto your hairline to avoid color splotches. Make your perfume stay longer by applying vaseline to your neck and wrists before spritzing your favorite fragrance. The daily uses are endless for this hidden gem.

These life hacks are just what you need to enjoy your life and not stress about the little things. Every little shortcut makes a difference when it comes down to making time to enjoy life. Try out these easy DIYs, and save yourself tons of time and frustration.

Stephanie is a freshman studying Biology with minors in Spanish and Chemistry. This is her first year working with Her Campus UFL, but she has blogging experience while interning for TheSmartGirlsGroup.com. She is also State President of Florida HOSA: Future Health Professionals. On her spare time, Steph loves to read, watch OITNB, travel, play with her dogs, and eat Karma Cream with her friends. You can often find her on Netflix at Library West, procrastinating studying, or eating some Krishna lunch while laying on the field. Most of all, this girl is frugal, creative, and determined, so you can only imagine the wild DIYs she has coming your way!