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Dishes ‘n’ DIYs: 5 Crafts with Just Glitter and Mod Podge

When I think of perfect couples, pairs like PB&J, Chuck and Blair and Starbucks and winter are what cross my mind. But after discovering this DIY on a late night Pinterest binge, I can happily say glitter and Mod Podge make the list! By mixing together glitter and Mod Podge, you can add the mixture to almost any regular item to beautify it! Even better, this DIY is crazy easy. For any adhesive surface, just add two tablespoons of Mod Podge for everyone one spoon of water, and use a sponge brush to gently apply to almost any material. Leave it to dry for half an hour, and after, you’ll have a completely revamped item! I’ve listed a few of my favorite ideas below. Enjoy reading, and happy DIY-ing!

1. Mac AccessoriesAt this point, almost everyone has jumped onto the Apple bandwagon, so why not differentiate yourself and add some glitz to your accessories? If you can match the glitter color to your phone or laptop case, you’ll have a unique item you made yourself. You’ll never have to worry about mixing up your cords with random people at Library West ever again!

2. Mason Jar CandlesI can almost envision it: a warm summer night, a picnic on the beach, and your glitter Mod Podge jars with your favorite candle inside illuminating the sky! Okay, maybe that is a little dramatic, but mason jars are the epitome of country chic right now, so why not give them a fun edge? A light silver or gold glitter will look great for a new candle holder, pencil cup, or, if you use the proper sealant, a cup! Anything will look adorable in these jars.

3. ShoesThis glitter craft may be for the more advanced DIY-er! Regardless of the difficulty of the project, the end result is amazing! Can you imagine a tie-dyed glitter shoe? What a fabulous idea! Give your old shoes new life by just adding glitter.

4. Beauty productsI went a little crazy when doing this one. Hairbrushes, makeup brushes, bobby pins, clips and even the bottom of my mascara. You name it, and I probably put glitter on it! This is a simple way to make all your beauty products look effortlessly classy. With a nice coating of gold glitter, you can’t tell a Chanel brush from a Target one!

5. KeysI couldn’t get over the practical use of this idea. I have so many keys on my lanyard that I can now easily identify. And the best part is that the glitter doesn’t rub off the top for a while because the metal acts as a great adhesive. Do yourself a favor and glitter your keys. Not only does it save time searching for the right key, but it looks fantastic!

There’s no such thing as having too much glitter in your life. These DIYs are an easy and affordable way to make you feel more glamorous on an everyday basis, whether you’re brushing your hair or charging your phone. Add some glitz to your life, collegiettes!

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