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Dealing with College Professors, as Told by Donald Trump

College professors know how to get under our skin. Group work, cumulative exams and mandatory attendance are all terms that send college students’ eyes rolling. There are countless thoughts that run through our minds as we sit in our lecture halls and discussion groups. And who better to bring our thoughts to life than Donald Trump? Here are a few reactions college kids have while listening to their professors in class.  

When you’re in your morning lecture after a night out.

When your teacher says you can NOT procrastinate on your final paper, but you’re just like…

When your professor can’t figure out how to use the projector for their PowerPoint presentation.

When your professor keeps making excuses for why the exams aren’t graded yet.

When your teacher cancels class.

When you go to your professor’s office hours to dispute the grade you received on the assignment.

When your professor starts listing all the things you need to know for the upcoming exam.

And then they tell you you’ll have to devote several days to studying…

The feeling you get when the teacher compliments your answer.

When you actually decide to go to class and realize you have no idea what is going on in the lecture.

When you walk into your American History class on the first day.

When your professor yells at you and your friends for talking during class.

What you think should happen to any professor who gives +/- grades.

When your teacher asks you why only your portion of your group’s project was submitted on Canvas.

Trying to suck up to your teacher to pass your foreign language credit.

When your professor says she’ll round your 89.4 percent to an A.

When you’re reading the questions on the exam and don’t recognize any of the material…

But then you still pass the exam anyway.

Who knew? Turns out we can all relate to Donald Trump a little more than we thought. Good luck finishing the rest of the semester strong, collegiettes!  

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