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The Crafty Gator: Wine Cork Wall Decor

What’s better than crafting something awesome? Crafting something awesome with a friend! This week, I got together with one of my best friends, and we each made a monogram wall plaque out of different items. If you love monograms as much as us, you’ll love these simple crafts that let you bond with a friend at the same time!


On our craft day, I decided to decorate the letter of my first name with wine corks. For this project, the hardest task is accumulating enough corks to complete it. All you have to do is ask some of your friends who are 21 and over to start saving them up for you, and you should have enough in no time. My friend, Elizabeth, decided to go with a shell letter to decorate her beach-themed bathroom. She bought shells from a craft store, but you could also collect shells from the beach.

First, we both painted our wooden letters according to the theme (mine was black, and hers was white). Two coats were needed to completely cover the wood so that the decorations would have a nice, clean backdrop. Next, I set up a pattern of different kinds of corks along all of the edges and completely filled the middle section of the letter “R.” I used less-detailed corks in the middle because you can’t see them as much compared to the outside, where I placed more elaborately decorated ones. I also switched up the pattern between light and dark corks as well as corks stained from red wine. Elizabeth did the same thing with different types of shells. She organized them according to shape and spread out some marbles to add a pop of color. After we were both satisfied with the layouts, we took a hot glue gun and began gluing each piece.

Sometimes, the glue doesn’t hold on the first try, so you may have to glue some pieces over again, especially with heavier decorations. Once all of the pieces are secure, your new monogram is complete. I hope you enjoy crafting a great creation with a friend as much as I did!

Happy Crafting!XOXO,

The Crafty Gator

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