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The Crafty Gator: DIY Picture Frame

This week, I’ve got another craft that can be made with some regular household items for a savvy collegiette™ like you! This frame can be a sweet gift for a friend or something you want to keep for yourself since it is a little more complicated.


  1. Buy a $1 wooden square frame from a craft store.
  2. Paint the whole frame black, making sure no wood can be seen.
  3. Take two silver CDs (either new or old), and use scissors to cut different shapes from them.
  4. Be very careful while cutting the CDs because the scissors could slip and there will be small plastic pieces and dust that could get in your eyes.
  5. Go back to your elementary school days for a moment when cutting the shapes, and think of all the different triangles, rhombi, hexagons, squares, rectangles, and pentagons — switch it up!
  6. I suggest cutting a few shapes at a time and then hot gluing them to the frame, so they will fit together nicely.
  7. Make sure the reflexive side is facing up when you glue the shapes, so it produces a rainbow effect — don’t use the matte side that covers the front.
  8. Leave a little bit of space between each piece because if you cut a bunch of shapes and wait to glue them until the end, they might not fit nicely, and you will need more CDs.
  9. Make sure the entire frame is covered; then, you are finished!

The semester is more than halfway over, and you should have plenty of memories to document in this adorable frame — I recommend a candid black and white photo of you and your friends! I’ve already got so many compliments on mine, so I’m sure you will too. Until next time, collegiettes™!

Happy Crafting!XOXO,The Crafty Gator

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