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The Crafty Gator: Button Statement Necklace

If you’re feeling really crafty this week and tired of paying more than $35 for a nice statement necklace, then you’ve come to the right place. Now that many crafts stores have large make-it-yourself jewelry sections, there is no excuse for why you can’t make your own fashionable jewelry!


  1. Pick a color scheme for your statement necklace — I went with gold and pewter.
  2. I dug through my mom’s sewing stuff to find old, intricate buttons, or you can get some new ones from the craft store.
  3. Create a pattern and shape of how you would like the buttons to be organized on a piece of felt. This is all according to your taste!
  4. Then, take a glue gun, and glue each button in its respective place. You could also sew each button, if you’re up for it!
  5. Once each button is stable, use scissors to cut out the shape of the buttons from the felt until it cannot be seen.
  6. Trace this same piece of felt again, and cut out a copy to place over the chain.
  7. Take your gold or silver chain from the craft store (you can also use a chain from an old necklace), and hot-glue the chain to the piece of felt.
  8. Take your the second piece of felt, and glue it on top of the chain (this way the buttons and chain don’t scratch your skin when you wear it!).
  9. Take out links of the chain to make it your desired length. Add the clasp to the end, and you’re set to wear your newest piece of jewelry.

I can’t wait to wear mine, and when people ask where I got it, I can say I made it all by myself — not to mention it was way cheaper than a similar store-bought necklace!

Happy Crafting!XOXO,The Crafty Gator












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