College Fashionista: RaSheba Jones

RaSheba Jones is a public relations major, minoring in event management. Throughout her life, her style, like many of ours, has evolved into what it is now her passion for fashion. This college senior has been heavily involved in PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) at the University of Florida, various women empowerment clubs and both Gainesville’s and Orlando’s Fashion Week. We sat down with RaSheba to discuss the role of fashion in her life.

Her Campus (HCUFL): When and how did you first become interested in fashion?

RaSheba Jones (RJ): It all started when I was younger. I think the person that inspired me was Kimora Lee Simmons. I would watch her show, and she just seemed like a badass to me. I loved how [she] acted, her persona. So that got me really into fashion. I remember, growing up, on Halloween, I would dress up as a fashion designer. That was what I wanted to do, but unfortunately, I don’t know how to draw. My mom tried to get me into drawing classes, but I just never really got the hang of it, so I just stuck to stick figures! But with so much advancement in technology, there are so many different opportunities in fashion where you don’t have to know how to draw.


HCUFL: What about fashion do you love? Why is it your passion?

RJ: I love the creativity of it. I love how you can be dressed one way, and I could be dressed differently, but we have respect for each other’s fashion. It’s not, “I have to wear this with that,” or “You can’t mix plaid with polka dots.” There’s so much availability of expression. If you’re feeling happy or elated, you can dress that way. If you’re feeling sad or want to dress like a badass