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The College Experience, as Told by Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler is easily one of the funniest people of our century. Not only that, but she truly gets college life. Here are just a few ways Amy accurately relates to us collegiettes.

Realizing you’re not going to get straight A’s like you did in high school.

When your professor decides to have a midterm in the middle of homecoming week.

But on the bright side, you got an email saying lecture is canceled this week.

When your mom calls you to remind you to study hard and get enough sleep.

When you and your roommates decide to go on a Spring Break diet.

But after three days you’re already back to your normal lifestyle.

Expecting to go out all the time but instead you end up every night like…

When you and your best friend take a class together.

Sitting in lecture wondering when you’re ever going to actually need this in your career.

When your professor asks if anyone has specific questions at the end of class.

Waking up on Sunday morning after walking eight miles around campus on gameday.

When you try to convince your roommates that getting a dog really wouldn’t be that much work.When your uptight professor actually extends an assignment deadline.

When your friends tell you that finals week stress is making you a bit psychotic.

And then they ask you if you’re okay, and you just let it all out.

Walking around campus and seeing people wearing their #UF19 T-shirts.

When your best friend goes home for the weekend, and the separation anxiety sets in.

Walking into the Starbucks at Library West and the line is out the door.

Convincing yourself that you can function on only three hours of sleep.

But inside you’re really like…

When you know you shouldn’t go out in public looking the way you do.

But you just don’t care.

Acing an exam you didn’t think you even had a chance of passing.

So you and your squad decide to go out and celebrate.

And you finally come to the realization that you have no idea what you want to do with your future, but you’re enjoying college life anyway.

If at any point in your college experience you’re in doubt, always think, what would Amy do? Clearly, Amy Poehler just understands us.

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