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Campus Style: Stand-Out Stripes

When looking for outfit inspiration, many of us turn to our fellow peers and students. However, turning to those who are standing in the front of our classes can be just as a great source of inspiration. Although instructors’ in-class style may be a little more refined, we all could take some notes on professionally appropriate outfits. Current graduate student Jessica-Jean Casler has rocked her personal style every lecture while teaching my workshop class for the business-writing course. Not only is her style one-of-a-kind, but her pieces are also super unique. You’ll be hard pressed to find where her dresses or shoes are from because she loves to shop at resale shops. Keep reading to learn more about her whimsical style!

Name: Jessica-Jean Casler
Age: 30
Year: Graduate student
Major: Cultural anthropology

Her Campus: What are you wearing and where is it from?
Jessica-Jean Casler: “These are little wedges from Sandy’s, a resale shop in town. I forget where I got this dress. It was probably somewhere online. This is a watch from my ex-boyfriend — super important, right? This is my power cuff that’s really seen a lot of things. This is my mom’s old leather belt. I’m pretty sure this jacket is from Walmart in 2000. My headband is from Anthropologie.”

HC: What is your favorite part of this outfit?
JJC: “Oh my gosh, that’s tough. It may be this headband. It’s the newest piece, so I feel the most excited about it right now.”

HC: Where do you like to go shopping in Gainesville?
JJC: “I really like thrift stores or resale shops. I really like Cecile’s. They have really great vintage dresses. That’s where I get a lot of my dresses, and I really like Sandy’s. I’ve been surprised. They have a bunch of really nice stuff that’s good even for work. So, I’d say those two and Haven Hospice are my favorite thrift stores.”

HC: How would you describe your personal style?
JJC: “Oh my gosh – eclectic or old. I’m not too sure. I would say that I try to be a little different every day. I think of it all as kind of a costume.”

Photo Credit: Allison Curry

Allison is a freshman finance major at the University of Florida. She is thrilled to be the Her Campus UFL Campus Style Blogger. Outside of class, Allison can be found running off to Walt Disney World or watching hockey. Other interests include online shopping, cats, yoga, and dancing.
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