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Campus Style: Bundled Up in Neutrals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Florida’s sudden winter has left many of us debating whether it’s worth it to venture out into the cold and to our lectures. If you’re having one of those mornings when your warm bed sounds so much better than your 9:35 a.m. class, remind yourself that we only have this weather for a short amount of time. It’s time to embrace the cold and rock the sweaters and boots that have been sitting in your closet patiently waiting for this very day. Sherri Zuccaro was doing just that in the Murphree Area on her way to class. She was making the most out of her wardrobe, and she pulled out all the stops for this look. Keep reading to learn some of her fashion tips!

Name: Sherri Zuccaro

Age: 18

Year: freshman

Major: animal sciences

Her Campus: What are you wearing and where is it from?
Sherri Zuccaro: “My dress and my belt are from Forever 21. I’m not sure where my scarf is from; it’s probably some random place. My boots are from ALDO, and my leather jacket is also from Forever 21. The tights are from Nordstrom, my rings are from my mother, and my bag is from Tory Burch.”

HC: Where do you go shopping?
SZ: “I mainly go to the mall, but I really have to go through everything in the store to find something nice. I can’t just superficially look at the front of the store. I really need to go look through the racks to find something interesting.”

HC: Who are your favorite style icons?
SZ: “I like Miranda Kerr, Olivia Palermo and Blake Lively. They seriously have the best style. They can piece together different things and they just make it work all the time. They look fabulous all the time, and I really envy that.”

HC: Do you have any advice for dressing well or fashion tips?
SZ: “If you want to look nice and you don’t want to wake up early, plan your outfit the night before. It will make it a lot easier to look good. When it comes to your personal style, make it your own and don’t wear what everyone else is wearing because then it’s not really you. Wear what you like because it doesn’t matter what other people think of you.”

Photo Credit: Allison Curry

Allison is a freshman finance major at the University of Florida. She is thrilled to be the Her Campus UFL Campus Style Blogger. Outside of class, Allison can be found running off to Walt Disney World or watching hockey. Other interests include online shopping, cats, yoga, and dancing.