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Button-up for Fall

The button-up has proved to be a closet must-have thanks to its easy wearability, timeless charm and versatility.

Whether silk, sheer or printed, it’s time to add this classic to your fall wardrobe.

The dated formality of past button-ups has given way to a new silkier, womanly button-up. I know the simplicity of this trend could be boring if not properly styled, so use this classic piece as a blank canvas for accessorizing. I recommend a fun collar or chocker necklace or to add some glam — Rihanna style. The collar, like a necktie, gives the outfit an androgynous vibe, similar to the current menswear-for-women trend.

Need some more style inspiration? Check out our favorite celebrities sporting this look, add some edge with Rihanna or own the shirt’s simplicity by channeling Katie Holmes.

This go-to favorite is great for layering, perfect for fall. Embrace traditional collegiate style and try layering a casual sweater over top, pair it with jeans to create a sophisticated-casual look. Feeling more cosmopolitan? Wear a light blazer with a patterned button-up to add an urban edge.

My advice, have fun with this trend and add your own quirky style to individualize it!

Photo 1: Coincidence & Chance Silky Blouse, $59 Urban Outfitters

Photo 2: J.Crew Blythe Silk Shirt, $110 

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