The Busy Girl’s Guide to NYFW 2018

New York Fashion Week is one of my favorite times of the year. In a perfect world, I’d be able to lounge on a velvet chaise before putting on a Dolce & Gabbana gown and strutting my way to every show my heart desires. Realistically, NYFW as a college student means I’m scrolling through social media to catch a glimpse of shows in between classes, club meetings and yoga. If you’re anything like me and are curious about the highlights of NYFW 2018, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered!

Most Inclusive Shows

It’s no secret that models are stereotyped as being ultra-thin, as tall as a skyscraper and if we’re being honest, white. Although we absolutely adore the Hadid sisters, representation of different cultures and body types on the runway makes my heart flutter more than the clothes they’re modeling. This year, two shows in particular totally slayed the inclusivity game: Marco Marco and Chromat.

1. Marco Marco

A Los Angeles-based fashion house, Marco Marco debuted its seventh collection at NYFW with a completely transgender-identifying cast of models. According to digital news company Mic, Marco Marco has always had trans and non-binary people in its shows. However, head designer Marco Morante told Mic that he “wanted to create a space to celebrate trans bodies. This was an opportunity for their presence to be undeniable and reinforce that trans is beautiful.”

2. Chromat

Chromat’s designer Becca McCharen-Tran knows the power of inclusivity. She hosted one of the most diverse shows of NYFW 2018 as she tackled the concept of sample sizing. According to Refinery29, models wore t-shirts with the words “Sample Size” emblazoned across the chest. Chromat’s decision to cast models with diverse body types proves that empowered women do, in fact, empower women.

Most Eye-Catching Shows


Last season’s fashion week sparked the electrifying trend of canary yellow clothing. This year, fashion houses Prabal Gurung and Carolina Herrera had totally different visions.

1. Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung’s NYFW show was a total technicolor dream. The fashion house’s focus on saturated hues may have been inspired by designer Gurung’s native country of Nepal, according to AOL. Each garment was unique in pattern, silhouette and detail, but colors such as blood orange, fuchsia, neon cerulean and emerald green brightened up an otherwise dark and empty runway.

2. Carolina Herrera

After 37 years, creative director Carolina Herrera stepped down after NYFW in February. According to AOL, this season’s show was the first to be run by anyone other than Herrera, and Wes Gordon debuted his first collection. Filled with plaid, polka dots and pastels, Gordon’s NYFW show focused on patterns and softer colors for its spring 2019 collection. The collection was surprisingly wearable, complete with cropped crochet shirts and mini-dresses in busy prints that would make any ‘70s disco queen jealous. Aside from feminine shapes and flirty silhouettes, suede knee-high boots with an embroidered flower detail complimented a majority of the looks.

Most Innovative Runways

Stark white walls, immaculately shiny runways and harsh lighting are the typical characteristics of fashion shows. Fashion houses John Elliot and Escada went for a breath of fresh air by choosing outdoor themes to showcase their spring 2019 collections.

1. John Elliott

Instead of hosting its show in a warehouse or showroom like most other fashion houses, John Elliot decided to debut its Los Angeles-inspired spring/summer 2019 collection at an outdoor skate park, according to Rough Online. Although the models didn’t skate, the visual impact of models wearing oversized clothing while being surrounded by curved cement walls made this show truly one of a kind.

2. Escada

Escada cleverly worked around NYFW’s rainy forecast by bringing the great outdoors inside for their show, according to The Guardian. Their zigzagged runway was covered in classic grassy green AstroTurf and the walls were accented with pastel-colored wooden slats from floor to ceiling, reminiscent of a picket fence. The warm lighting, picnic-style chairs and upbeat music made me wish I were basking in the Central Park sun with a glass of lemonade in my hand.

We hope you draw some inspiration from this year’s NYFW, and may your September become your most stylish month yet!