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books on brown wooden shelf
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The Big Three: Which UF Study Aid is Right for You?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

When midterms sneak up on you, it’s nearly impossible to cram those 140 pages of business law you should have read earlier than two nights before the test. To avoid pre-exam anxiety attacks, UF’s “Big Three” study aids — TutoringZone, Smokin’Notes and Study Edge have kindly offered their services to help us get through our all-nighters.

1. Study Edge Study Edge’s comprehensive reviews cover several core math-, business- and science-based classes undergraduate students have to take. The reviews are offered in two formats: live and online. You get tokens included in your monthly membership, and you can purchase more to watch individual problem solutions and extra reviews. The most popular classes are precalculus, algebra, general chemistry, organic chemistry and macro- and microeconomics. Not willing to commit to Study Edge without knowing what it’s like? The first review is free, so you can test the waters to decide how you feel before diving straight in.

2. TutoringZone You can purchase TZ’s access codes both online and in store at 1117 W. University Ave. The great thing about TZ is you can split the access code with your friends to watch the reviews and use the practice problems. It’s connected to your Facebook account, so as long as you and your friends log into the same account, you can share this study aid without a problem. The most popular courses are business-related, which vary from financial accounting to operations management.

TZ is now offering weekly reviews for microeconomics. The exam 1 review for business calculus is free this semester, so definitely look into that if you’re struggling!

3. Smokin’Notes You can pick up the red Smokin’Notes packets at the Florida Bookstore about one week prior to each exam. Each packet includes chapter and class notes reviews, a practice exam, vocabulary flashcards, a handy pencil and a coupon for the following review. With an online code inside the packet, you can find extra study material like practice questions and videos. The most popular classes are marketing and statistics, but it’s also useful for What is the Good Life?

When you realize you have a midterm in three days and you don’t know what to do, don’t fret. Look into these study aids to lessen the stress and teach you everything you need to know. That’s not to say you should procrastinate, but if you do, this is a solution! Good luck on your midterms, collegiettes™!

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