The Best Things About the Reitz Union Renovation

The Reitz Union has long been the center of student life at UF, but for the past two years, a large portion of the student union has been under construction for remodeling. That all changed in February, when the long awaited Reitz Union renovation officially reopened. And it is amazing. The new remodeled Reitz offers more space and resources for UF students. Here are the best features of the newly renovated building.

1. The space
The inside of our new student union is simply beautiful. Huge windows allow sunlight to pour in, and the white walls and floors make everything look clean and luxurious. The floor plan is very open, and great views are provided from the two new glass elevators. In terms of appearances, the renovation definitely deserves a high grade. It also deserves a high grade for expanding the space for Student Activities and Involvement, as well as for Multicultural and Diversity Affairs. In the old Reitz, many organizations’ meeting rooms were very small and cramped, but the renovation now offers ample space for everyone.

2. Wing Zone
There is now a new restaurant at the Reitz, and that is Wing Zone, which is located on the ground floor. Two UF students started Wing Zone in the 1990s, and now it has finally returned home. The restaurant offers a variety of food choices including quesadillas, chicken tenders, burgers and, of course, wings. Televisions are constantly playing Florida Gators sports games and there’s plenty of seating for students to relax and eat.

3. The game room
Adjacent to Wing Zone is the game room, which has been extremely popular since it opened last month. The game room contains bowling lanes, pool tables and pingpong tables. UF students love to come and play with their friends in the room during the evenings.

4. More study space
It has always been a bit of challenge to find study space on campus, especially because there are so many students here in the fall and spring semesters. But the new Reitz Union now offers way more study space for students, which should help alleviate the problem. There are comfy chairs located on the ground floor, as well as by the glass windows that face the Reitz Union North Lawn. I have actually been able to find study space all over the new Reitz Union. There is seating provided everywhere, even the most unlikely of places.

5. Larger food court
When I first arrived at UF, I was a bit shocked by the state of the food court in the Reitz Union; it was extremely small, especially concerning seating space. I noticed the lack of seating space became a huge problem last year during the lunch hours, as people could not find spaces to sit and always had to take their food to go. But the new student union offers a new room of seating by the Pollo Tropical, as well as on the other side of the Wendy’s. There is also new flooring, chairs and tables in the food court.

If you have not had a chance to visit the new Reitz Union, then you are missing out. Our new student union is beautiful and practical, and there is space for every student. Enjoy the new Reitz Union, ladies!

Photo Credit: Ellen Bazley