Best Friends for Never: The 3 Stages of a BFF Breakup


A best friend forever describes the one girlfriend you can always count on for just about everything. She’s there for you to listen when you confess your deepest darkest secrets, call you out when you’re in the wrong, and be a shoulder to cry on when you’re feeling blue. But what happens when the friendship you thought would last forever is suddenly no more?

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when everything starts going sour between you and your BFF, and unfortunately, sometimes there is no solution. Best friend breakups happen to all of us. We expect our best friend to make it to our wedding day, be there to see our first child born, and even grow old by our side, but what if it’s just not meant to be? Breaking up with a best friend is always hard to go through because you’ve lost the one person who knows the most about you.

Stage 1: Growing Apart 
Naturally, we want to make it work, but sometimes we have to take a breath and move on. When friends start going their own way, you begin to see a gap form in the relationship. Communication begins to vanish and multiple texts seem to be read with no reply. At this point, you’re probably wondering what you did to ruin it. Was it the comment you made about her hair? The fight you had about how much you hate her boyfriend? Maybe the time you told everyone she sucks her thumb when she sleeps? Any of these could be the answer, but a lot of the time it’s just life. We want to hope everything lasts forever, but we have to accept that all things happen for a reason.

Stage 2: Getting Over It 
Breaking up with a BFF isn’t an easy process. There’s the removal of pictures, notes, and borrowed clothes from months ago as well as facing the road to recovery. Getting over a best friend breakup always takes time. You may find yourself constantly reminiscing of the days when you were inseparable or even getting emotional when you visit a place you both enjoyed, but it’s okay. Breakups are difficult because they symbolize a part of you that no longer exists, but it’s also important to remember that “he who cares least wins.” Instead of constantly harassing your BFF about what you did wrong, remember that later on in life your paths might reconnect. Don’t lose too much sleep over it.

Stage 3: Moving On 
It takes a strong individual to have the will to move on from a broken relationship with a former best friend. Although the process can be tough, it’s important to know that when one door closes, another opens. Having faith that better things will come out of a BFF breakup is crucial to moving on. Your memories will be yours forever, and no one can take those from you. If the time comes that you start to rekindle that BFF vibe, then it won’t be hard to pickup right where you left off. Remember: you will start a fresh chapter in your life by leaving old memories in the past and creating new ones.