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Australian Spring Fashion Trends You Should Know About

The world of fashion is always evolving and changing, not only through the years, but also through the seasons. From my experience, some of my favorite boutiques are Australian, and the clothing that I buy there tends to be ahead of many American fashion trends seen here. Australia’s spring 2016 fashion trends are not only adorable, doable and new, but they’re also styles you will want to have in your closet as soon as you see them.

Formal wear: The latest Australian formal looks can be found on Sabo Skirt. These looks include lace dresses showcasing a high slit up one side. Neutrals are also the colors that are being seen on formal dresses. Two-piece dresses are also in, with low-cut tops and simple, long skirts to the floor. Intricate cut-out designs have been revamped. Cutouts seen in long dresses now feature an artistic look, rather than just a peek of skin. Different patterns, designs and styles have now been seen on cutouts featured on floor-length dresses.

Casual dresses/rompers: Hello, halter dresses! How I have dearly missed you. That’s right — halter styles are back in style and cuter than ever.

Sets: Believe it or not, but capris are in style and absolutely adorable. Stores like LF have matching sets of crop tops and high-waisted capris in multiple different prints. Sets have also recently been seen featuring ruffles that give the look a classy and almost peplum appearance.

Backless: Backless outfits are on the rise, and many stores such as LF and Show Pony have some great backless lace dresses and rompers to choose from. Backless dresses and rompers are perfect for day-to-night looks. They look classy in the front, yet sexy in the back. For work, you can simply layer a blazer over your outfit, and then when you leave the office to go out at night, you can take the blazer off and be ready to go!

Denim on denim: Okay, so maybe not the Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake version we are all so fond of, but denim is definitely back in. The trick is to pair different textured, shaded, styled or colored denim on top of one another. Denim bralets are very in right now as well as denim rompers.

Accessories: If you’ve ever seen Coyote Ugly, then I’m sure you’ve seen the western-style black choker necklaces that the girls wear. The good news is that these are back in style. Other styles of chokers have also been seen all across trendy boutiques, like silver embellished chokers, which can glam up any outfit.

Shoes: Chunky stiletto heels are new and in for spring. Many of the stiletto styles feature intricate details and lacings up the leg. Low-heeled shoes with an edgy twist are also in that look incredible paired with a pair of ripped jeans. Metallic embellishments have also been seen on the latest Australian shoe trends.

With these trends, you can feature all of the cutest Australian-inspired fashion trends on your college campus!

Photo Credits: Pinterest

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