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The Art of Using Color in Your Wardrobe

Color is a great asset to your wardrobe, and wearing colors purposefully can take your outfit to the next level. Even adding a pop of color to an otherwise neutral monochromatic look can make you stand out in a crowd. If you want to give your aesthetic more dimension, here are some basic colors and the common moods they convey in theory. Now, you can figure out how to style your mood wherever you go.


This strong color is associated with love, passion and power. Use it when you want to make a bold statement with your outfit choice. It can also be used as an accent, but if you want to use it as a main color in an outfit, make sure not to overpower your look with other bold colors. Instead, it’s best to stick with neutral colors or light pastels to balance your look.


Orange exudes confidence and athleticism, and it is also a bold color like red. In addition, it is an energetic, happy color associated with movement. It is a festive color to wear especially in the fall time with Halloween and Thanksgiving. Orange pairs well with blues, greens, and soft pastels.


Yellow is commonly seen as a color of happiness, warmth and cheer. It’s a color that stands out the most in a wardrobe, and according to Color Matters, it’s actually the first color that catches a person’s eye. Wear yellow when you want to feel lively or show people an upbeat side of your personality. Be careful when wearing yellow though, as some saturations can be more flattering on certain skin tones than others.


Green is a color of nature, peace and balance. It’s also of course great for St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Dark green especially may signal that you’re someone down to Earth, reasonable, and rational. Wear green when you’re feeling like getting in touch with your natural side or simply wanting to come off as more approachable.


Wear blue when you want to be associated with trust, loyalty and coolness. Bold, bright variations of blue, such as turquoise, are striking to the eye and are a great cool-toned accent color. While it can also can be seen as a “sad” color, when worn right, blue is a versatile color that can fit pretty much any occasion. This color is also incredibly flattering to wear for almost every skin tone.


Purple is commonly known as a color of royalty and mystery. According to Livescience, purple’s “regal” status comes from the expensive cost and rarity of the dye that was originally used to make it years ago. Wear it for when you want to feel regal or a little bourgeois.


The color of femininity, cuteness and sweetness is, of course, pink! Pink is a great color to use especially when creating a monochromatic outfit, and it can be used as a softer accent color in place of bold reds or oranges. Wear pink when you feel like being playful or charming.


While white is technically not a color, it is associated with innocence and cleanliness. White is ideal for when you want to exude a fresh, crisp look that is perfect for a spring or summer day. A good white button-down shirt is the perfect compliment for a colorful printed skirt or classic pair of blue jeans.


Black is the color of class and drama. Black is both slimming and formal by nature, making it ideal to polish your look with a dark twist. It is incredibly versatile, and having at least one all-black outfit is imperative to have in one’s wardrobe.

Overall, if you desire to add a little oomph to your look, consider carefully crafting color into your outfit. Of course, there are going to be times when you’ll just want to throw on whatever seems comfy (I’m definitely guilty of that). One thing is for sure: Fashion and color theory certainly go hand-in-hand.

Elena Kallergis is currently a 4th year Advertising major at the University of Florida. Her passions include ballet dancing, drawing, reading, traveling, and rock climbing. She loves flowers, cats, fashion, chocolate chip cookies, cheeseburgers, and anything to do with the color peach. Outside of class, you can either catch her eating while attempting to study or just eating in general. Follow her on Instagram @elenamika.
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