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A few days ago, the Queen of smize (smiling with your eyes, hello) herself, Tyra Banks announced that she would be back hosting the popular modeling competition reality show America’s Next Top Model. The show features contestants living in an apartment together facing off in different challenges and photo shoots each week to see who will be eliminated. In the end, two to three models are left to compete in a final runway show where one is then crowned America’s Next Top Model.

The show saw multiple updates and changes throughout its cycle. Judges came and went as well as photographers and even the location of the girl’s home. The most noticeable change in each cycle (the name of the season on this show) is the type of contestant competing. Tyra would add different criteria every time including; height, nationality, status (college students), as well as gender (when she added boys into the mix).

This past cycle saw the greatest change when Tyra decided to step behind the camera, executive produce the show and relinquish her hosting duties. The new season featured a brand-new panel, host, and overall theme which focused on the implementation of social media and its overwhelming presence in the fashion and entertainment world. The new panel included plus-sized super model Ashley Graham, Paper Magazine creative director Drew Elliott, celebrity stylist Law Roach, and new host, recording artist, model, and boss Rita Ora.

Banks made waves when she made the bold statement that this season there was no restriction at all for the contestant they only needed to be young enough to vote and old enough to smize (there’s that word again). In the spirit of the free-for-all nature of the audition process this cycle I decided to have myself as well as one of my friends send in an application email.

To apply to be on the show this time around, potential contestants need only send an email to [email protected] that consists of their age, name, stats (model talk for measurements), contact information and three of their best photos. Sounds easy, right?

So far there is no word back from ANTM, but news broke that the original and fan-favorite panel will be returning for this season as well. Both of “the Jay’s,” Jay Manuel, and Ms. Alexander as well as photographer Nigel Barker were featured in an Instagram picture.

The audition period will close towards the end of spring and the new season is scheduled to premiere by late summer to early fall. Make sure you tune in because you could see this HerCampus writer in the house.

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