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Andrew Tate’s continued misogynist influence on young men even after imprisonment under human trafficking charges  

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To all girls that are sick and tired of being viewed as inferior to men 

Andrew Tate, a former kickboxing champion and reality TV star, has been a controversial figure in recent years due to his misogynistic views and behavior toward women. Despite being imprisoned in December 2022 under human trafficking charges, Tate’s influence on young men continues to be a cause for concern. 

In 2022, Tate’s behavior and influence came to the forefront once again after an argument with climate activist Greta Thunberg where she exposed his alleged involvement in human trafficking.

According to Marca, the heated exchange between Tate and Thunberg occurred on Twitter, initiated by Tate’s provocative tweet aimed at Thunberg flaunting his collection of 33 cars with disregard for the environment. Tate’s tweet exchange inadvertently led the Romanian police to prove his location, leading to his apprehension. 

This revelation that Tate may have been involved in human trafficking has shocked many while leaving others unfazed. His arrest highlights the dangers of individuals like Tate, who promote harmful attitudes toward women and perpetuate toxic masculinity. Yet Tate’s influence on young men, particularly through his social media outreach, remains a significant concern as young men continue to fall under Tate’s spell. 

Tate’s messages spread toxic masculinity and promote the objectification of women as men’s property and as intellectually inferior. Videos promoting his ideology flood social media despite his arrest on the grounds of alleged human trafficking and sexual assault charges. Tate’s followers continue defending their idol, failing to recognize the harmful impact of glorifying a man who blatantly promotes gender inequality.  

Tate’s ascent to notoriety began in 2016 when he participated in the reality television program “Celebrity Big Brother.” Throughout his tenure on the program, he routinely insulted women’s intelligence and promoted negative stereotypes. His actions on the show outraged the audience and even led to his temporary removal from the show.

His behavior towards women did not stop there, however. Tate has also been known to engage in online trolling, where he would spew sexist comments and spread his misogynistic views to his followers on social media. 

According to The Guardian, Tate has repeatedly said that women belong in the home and are responsible for cooking and cleaning for their men. In addition, he has insinuated rape victims bear some responsibility for the act of violence committed against them. He further idolizes the way women act in the Middle East, despite their lack of rights and continued heart-breaking oppression in the region. 

In videos circulating the web, Tate refers to women on multiple occasions as “bitch,” “dumb hoe,” and other derogatory names. 

Tate’s influence does not only have pernicious effects on how women are seen but men as well. Young boys feel the need to maintain a strong, masculine figure who is not allowed to seek help and deal with their emotions. Tate’s followers are constantly worried about attaining both money and women. 

His influence on young men became more apparent when he started using his platform to promote toxic masculinity and negative attitudes toward women. For example, Tate defends adultery by men, claiming that men need variety and lack the emotional characteristics of women, thus stating that cheating is unforgivable if done by women but natural for men. 

Insecure young men struggling with their identity and place in the world may be drawn to Tate’s messages as he presents a seemingly straightforward solution to their problems. By tapping into their fears and insecurities, Tate can easily manipulate these vulnerable individuals, convincing them that his way is the only path to success and happiness. 

However, it is crucial for young men to be aware of the harmful aspects of Tate’s messages and to seek out positive role models and healthy sources of guidance instead.

While Tate’s imprisonment may have temporarily reduced his influence, his continued online presence and outreach to young men have allowed him to continue spreading his misogynistic views. Social media accounts that propagate his videos, which have a significant following, are often filled with posts that denigrate women and promote toxic masculinity.

Tate’s influence on young men can be seen in the comments sections of his social media accounts, where many of his followers express admiration for his views and behavior. Unfortunately, some of those followers have even engaged in similar behavior towards women, with some going as far as to harass and threaten them online.

The continued influence of Andrew Tate on young men is a cause for concern, as it perpetuates harmful stereotypes and reinforces toxic masculinity. We must address this issue by calling out his behavior and promoting positive attitudes towards women and gender equality.

It is important to remember that misogyny and toxic masculinity are theoretical concepts and real-life issues that impact women daily. Therefore, Tate’s behavior is not just an abstract problem but a real-life manifestation of a more significant issue we must address.

To combat the negative influence of individuals like Andrew Tate, we need to promote positive attitudes toward women and gender equality. We need to educate young men on healthy relationships and encourage them to reject toxic masculinity. Only by doing so can we create a more equitable and just society for all, where men and women can have a respectful and positive relationship with one another. 

I am a second-year English and Political Science major at UF. I hope to inspire readers by writing and providing useful information. I love to read fiction and write about current events.