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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Regardless of what you are doing, Spring Break is a time for yourself. Prioritize yourself with these tips on what you need to enjoy this break.

After weeks of assignments and midterms, we surely need a break. And now, with spring break happening, we are on the cusp of a breakthrough cure for the soul, brain and body. 

It is time for the magic to begin. 

Regardless of what you are doing this week (e.g., relaxing, partying or simply creating memories), there are some things every Spring breaker MUST have or do, in my opinion. 

1. Swimwear

This is a total must to get that spring glow many of us are seeking during break. Target has many options for you to choose from! It is my go-to this break.

2. Sunscreen

This one might seem obvious, but don’t forget your sunscreen, girls! 

We want to glow now and always, so get your tan but protect yourself while doing so. Also, remember that cold weather does not mean the sun is not there, so apply and re-apply your sunscreen.

3. Basic Pieces 

If you are either going out, sightseeing or adventuring, there is always a place for a cute, comfortable outfit. But sometimes, we cannot pack our entire closet in a single bag and take it with us. Therefore, I always preach by basic clothing pieces that go with everything. 

Try the 2-pack Crop Tube Tops from H&M, the wide strap Stretch Top from Zara or a classic linen Crop Shirt from Zara.

4. A good book

Besides being beneficial for the brain, reading can help with reducing the stress accumulated from hours of studying. And like Sam Puckett said on “iCarly”: “It’s like TV in your head.” But you can easily carry it around during this break. You can read either on the beach or cozied up inside while you are trying to relax. 

I recommend starting with “Daisy Jones & The Six” by Taylor Jenkins Reid. It is fun, deep and entertaining. And with three episodes of the series already on Prime Video, you can both read and watch this week. 

5. Meditation app subscription

If you are relaxing during spring break, get a detox. But this time for the soul. Whenever I have a break and want to release some tension, I meditate. It is a way of connecting with your inner self before classes start again. 
You can subscribe to meditation apps like “Calm,” which is the one I use and love! But The New York Times also provides an excellent guide on the basics of meditation if you are a beginner.

Whatever you do this spring break, relax. It is easy to lose yourself within books. And now, it is time to find yourself again. But mostly, have fun. 

Mariana is a journalism student at the University of Florida. She's passionate about storytelling. In her free time, you can find her reading a book, working out or binge-watching Netflix.