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To All Those With a Sweet-Tooth

As someone who enjoys eating healthy regularly, I’ve always been mindful of what I eat every day. That being said, I’d be a hypocrite if I told you that I wasn’t a fan of baked goods. From cupcakes and cinnamon rolls to frozen yogurt and tarts, I’m a fan of them all—especially if they’re under $10.

If you’re like me, you’re always down for some good—and affordable—sweets, and as a college student who’s always running around with a tight schedule, sometimes a good, sweet pick-me-up is a great way to brighten your day. Having lived in Gainesville for over a year, I have become accustomed to many different restaurants in the area. Having school as a priority all the time can be stressful; therefore, treating yourself to a delectable dessert can definitely feel rewarding. As someone who enjoys making the drives to visit new dessert places, here are my top five dessert places that are definitely worth checking out.

Rock n Roll 

Located off of West University Avenue, Rock n Roll has a simple array of desserts to choose from: iced coffee, rolled ice cream and, my favorite, crepes. Their $5 crepes (plus tax, of course) are popular due to their reasonable price and the option to choose from 20 different toppings and mix-ins. Whenever I want to treat myself to a savory crepe, my go-to toppings are cookie butter, Nutella, strawberries and Oreos.


Although it isn’t a local Gainesville dessert restaurant, TeaStori is very well known for their boba milk teas, fruit teas and mochi ice cream. For those who are not interested in milk teas or their popular Vietnamese coffee, they also offer fruit slushes with the option of adding jelly or popping boba. Their mochi ice cream is $1.95; however, you have the option to purchase five and get one free or the option to purchase ten and receive three free. Although TeaStori is popular for their dessert, they also specialize in selling succulents and plant pots. Due to COVID, they no longer have indoor seating. However, they are allowing online ordering for pickup as well.


SweetBerries isn’t everyone’s go-to place when deciding what to treat themselves to for dessert; however, it definitely makes my top five list. Although they do have savory sandwiches, soups and salads, their concretes, which are what they call their frozen custards, have a huge place in my heart. With their multiple options for toppings and their reasonable prices (the largest-sized cup is $6.90, without tax), SweetBerries’s custards are definitely a much more elaborate version of the concrete mixers you can purchase at Culver’s.

Sweet Buns

If you’re in the mood to expand your palette and try something new, I would highly recommend Sweet Buns Bakery. Located off of SW 34th Street, this is one of the most authentic Asian bakeries you’ll find in Gainesville. With over 30 different pastries and mini cakes to choose from, you will be sure to find a dessert that fits your liking. I am a huge fan of their strawberry swiss rolls and strawberry cheesecake bread—yes, you heard correctly.

Teatime Tranquility & Treasures

Located in Alachua, Teatime Tranquility & Treasures is worth every second of your visit. For every individual who has dreamt of their tea parties coming to life as a young child, this vintage location is a must. Less than a 30-minute drive from the university, Teatime Tranquility & Treasures allows you to experience a real-life tea party with freshly made tea served with scones, cakes, muffins and so much more. With all sweets priced under $5, you can choose to treat yourself and dine in while enjoying the pleasure of wearing an Instagram-worthy tea party hat that is offered in the restaurant.

If this article has triggered your sweet tooth, be sure to check these locations out!

Jasmine Cubillan is a third-year at the University of Florida and is currently studying public relations with a minor in event management and dance. Her articles cover topics from women empowerment to local businesses to support. When she isn't writing articles for Her Campus UFL, she practices yoga or explores new places to have brunch.
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