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Aimee Song: A Fashion Blogger Turned Fashion Designer


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Aimee (Ah-Mee) Song encapsulates the fashion blogger persona in a playful, humorous way. And now she has a brand.

Song, a New York Times bestselling author, influencer and fashion designer launched her brand Song of Style with Revolve last May. She dreamed of creating her own collection since 2012, and she finally brought it to life. In a Who What Wear interview, Song presented the idea on a Thanksgiving Day hike with Revolve’s co-founder Michael Mente. From a personal to professional perspective, she has had a strong bond with the company, fortunate enough to have the platform to display her vision.

“I told Michael my dream was to have my line, my own thing,” she said. “This was before influencers had brands. So, it’s been something I wanted to do for a long time.”

Releasing about a year ago, Song of Style successfully established a high-end brand that stays true to her style. So, let’s take a look at her transition from part-time designer and how her brand exploded overnight.


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Accumulating 5.5 million Instagram followers and about 200,000 followers on her brand account, Song of Style’s prominence on the social media world holds true. In an InStyle interview, she said her influence on media platforms and internal connections with Revolve gave her the tools to fulfill her greatest desire. 

“… It just felt like the right synergies and the right time to evolve from a brand ambassador to an actual partnership,” Song said.

When her brand was released, the products flew off the virtual shelves within the first minutes. Song’s meticulous decision-making on what pieces to keep and what pieces to cut ultimately led to her overwhelming success.

“… All the pieces that you see are the survival of the fittest. I love every single piece so much,” Song said to Who What Wear.

When searching for an effective method to advertise the brand, her massive followings on Instagram seemed like the most probable choice. From a business perspective, social media gave Song a free alternative to purchasing ads online. This also let her directly target her ideal customer with little risk.


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While connecting with her audience, Song focused on staying true to herself while keeping it editorial. She didn’t want to impersonate someone she wasn’t.

“I was like, ‘That’s not me. I’m a goofy person,’” Song said to Who What Wear. “I love to dance, and I love to eat.”


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Her color palette resembles her multi-faceted personality. Song utilized citrus orange hues and deep pinks to create a more tropical feel. She contrasts these looks with pale purples and mint greens short suits and miniskirts to portray calmer tones and reflect her dual personality. Song looks forward to future releases of her collection and prioritizes function over fashion.

“The one thing that will be consistent is that the outfits will be very polished,” she said to Who What Wear. “A lot of us have busy days, and you just want to feel comfortable but still look put together.”

Kalia is currently a journalism major at the University of Florida. She loves getting involved in all things fashion, jamming out to house music beats and traveling to new places. She is currently an active member of the Black Student Union and spends her leisure reading, sketching and working out. You can keep up with all the things she's involved in through Instagram @k.a.li.a.
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