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The Age of the Bucket Hat (& How to Style Them)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

‘90s fashion is back and as strange as ever, and, this time, the bucket hat is in the spotlight. Bucket hats, generally made for fishermen and toddlers, have had a new surge of life, finding its home at stores like Urban Outfitters and PacSun. It’s hard to imagine hats we wore as babies becoming the newest edgy trend, but here we are in 2018, embracing the bucket hat. If you’ve been looking to dip into this new trend, here is a bit of inspiration to get your fashion mind racing.

Darker-colored hats transition into winter fashion seamlessly and compliment any thicker sweater you may want to wear. When Gainesville gets a few degrees colder, a bucket hat would add a little extra charm to any outfit while also keeping your ears warm. This outfit mixes multiple textures: Both the skirt and the hat are corduroy, and the chunky sweater allows for a nice break in texture. Mixing different fabric textures is a way to make a look more elevated with little effort.

This look uses a bucket hat from Urban Outfitters fit for any game day fashion. The pop of orange allows for the cooler tones of the outfit to stand out a bit more. This outfit was put together as an homage to ‘90s grunge fashion. The more distressed denim skirt and oversized flannel contrasts the precious look of the hat, keeping the outfit from looking too childlike. Bucket hats are a way to fully embrace ‘90s fashion while still looking put together.

This dress and jacket combo is a way to embrace the coming cold while still looking cute. The dress can be dressed up or down, but the bucket hat allows for a more casual look. The jacket again is complimenting textures of corduroy to tie in all of the different textures throughout the outfit. Bucket hats are great to pair with dresses because it can dress down an outfit for a coffee date or a walk through downtown.

Mom jeans and bucket hats are a strange mix of ‘90s fashion items that were never really worn together, but, now that they’re both back in style, the pair can be brought together. The chestnut color of the bucket hat stands out against the black of the crop top, creating a level of interest with two basic colors. Working with solid colors is an easy way to assure that your bucket hat can be the center of attention, while also not clashing with your outfit.

The accessories of this outfit add an extra edge to an otherwise sweet outfit. The bucket hat and combat boots work together to make a more unique look that mixes together elements of grunge and chic. Mixing the different textures and style elements creates a look that is unique but still flattering. Popping up the front of the hat is a cute way to frame the face.

This outfit serves as an example for mixing patterns. One of the most important things to remember if you are going to mix patterns is to keep the colors of each pattern in the same color family and tone. Clashing both colors and patterns can quickly turn into a hot mess, so be careful when picking your patterns. This look was chosen as a way to show that bucket hats can be paired with a simple dress, and the outfit still looks sweet but with a pop of interest.


Whether you’re on board for the ‘90s fashion revival or praying for its quick demise, I think it’s worth a shot to add a bucket hat to your wardrobe. They’re quirky, but they can be fun to style because they are so strange. Styling these bucket hats had me channeling some major Paddington vibes, but they also had me thinking outside of the box about what outfits would work and which ones wouldn’t. Bucket hats are something you’re either going to love or hate, but they’ll keep your closet feeling fresh.

Michaela is a third-year journalism major at the University of Florida and is currently majoring in journalism. You can find her soaking up the Florida sun at the beach, shopping at a thrift store, or in the front row of a local band's show. Her friends, good coffee and a book are one of the many things that keep her smiling every day.