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8 Roomie Struggles That We All Know Too Well

Whether you’re living with best friends or random roommates, problems are bound to rise. One week you’ll argue about whose turn it is to take the trash out, and another might be something as simple as your food going missing. Here are a few roomie struggles that we all know too well.

1. When you and your roommates argue on who’s turn it is to take out the trash

You know you’ve taken it out twice this week, yet if it refills one more time, you know it’ll be you making the long dreaded walk to the dumpster. No matter how much you try to make a schedule on whose turn it is next, it never seems to work out. #yay

2. When your roommate watches TV on the highest volume while you’re trying to study

Should you say something? Should you not? Have you ever watched TV on the highest volume? Who cares? You know it’s going to bother you when it’s you who has the studying to do, and it’ll be all their fault when you memorized an entire episode of Friends instead of how to calculate slope using y=mx+b. #notokay

3. When your roommate doesn’t refill the Brita

Nothing is worse than when you want to refill your water bottle before heading out to class and reaching over for an empty Brita. Actually, there is something worse; when you have two Brita’s, and they’re both empty. If you’re guilty of this, please stop. It might be the most irritating thing out of this whole list. #ugh

4. When your roommate’s boyfriend is like an adopted roommate

Yes, you signed up for three other roommates, but did you consider boyfriends? Throughout the first month, it’ll be as if they aren’t even there, but, by the end of the year, they’ll be walking around in their boxers like it’s no big deal. If you’re lucky like me, this extra boyfriend roommate will bring you candy for no reason. #goals

5. When that one piece of cheese goes missing and you blame it on your roommate

Thought you had one more slice of cheese left but actually didn’t? Automatically blame it on your roommate. Not only did they take that slice of cheese, but from now on, you’ll blame them for just about everything and anything that goes missing.  #ohwell

6. When your roommate doesn’t lock the front door

Ever find your door unlocked after a whole night? Not cool. Safety is not to be underestimated. Anything can happen at any point, so would it kill you to lock the door when you leave? Not my fault if your laptop goes missing. #eyeroll

7. When your roommate hasn’t washed their dishes, so the sink is overflowing, and you can’t wash yours

If you say that this hasn’t happened to you, you’re lying. Not only is it annoying for dishes to be stacked up in the sink for days, but we’re also talking dirty dishes. Don’t complain the next time you spot a roach, girl. #lol

And the worst of all…

8. When your roommate’s alarm goes off for 10 years before they press snooze, and wake you up instead

Finding the Brita empty is annoying, but nothing is worse than being woken up by your roommate’s alarm. Twenty minutes can pass by, and the alarm will still be going off, and all you can wonder is how in the world your roommate hasn’t woken up. You are now annoyed and awake AF, and there’s nothing you could do about it. #goodmorning

How many of these do you relate with? Let us know!


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