8 Decorations to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

Even though we’re all still dealing with the continuation of the pandemic, that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate the holidays! For a lot of people, the holidays are their favorite time of year because there are so many fun things that you can do to celebrate with friends, family and others. 

However, our holidays are going to look a little different this year. Most of us will be staying inside, but don’t worry because there are still ways that you can celebrate the holiday season. You can do this by decorating your dorm, apartment or home! This is something that you can do by yourself or with others if you are quarantining with someone — a perfect pandemic activity. 

You may be feeling down about the holidays with everything going on, but once you get some decorations put up, trust me, it will get you in the mood for the holidays again. There are so many super cute decor items that you can purchase that are also affordable, which is a huge plus. I am going to show you several items I have found that you should seriously consider decorating your home with because they are adorable and festive!

  1. 1. Christmas wreath

    Don’t just think about the inside of your home when decorating for the holidays. You can also add some cute holiday decorations outside, such as a Christmas wreath! This will show other people just how excited you are for the holidays this year. 

    Wreaths can sometimes be expensive, but this wreath from Home Depot is affordable, so you won’t have to worry about spending too much on decorations. It also comes with a red velvet bow to make it extra festive!

    Wreath with Red Velvet Bow ($8.98 at Home Depot)

  2. 2. String lights

    Who doesn’t love string lights? They can set the mood for any room, and you can hang them just about anywhere. You can also use them to create a holiday atmosphere in your home by purchasing winter-themed string lights like these snowflake string lights from Amazon!

    Snowflake String Lights ($14.99 at Amazon)

  3. 3. Window clings

    Window clings are a fun way to add an illusion to your window. If you purchase these Christmas window clings from Amazon, it will look like it’s snowing outside your window because they’ll be covered with adorable snowflake window clings. These window clings also come with a Santa and reindeer window cling to add to the fun!

    Xmas Window Clings (8 sheets) ($11.59 at Amazon)

  4. 4. Christmas pillow

    If you want to decorate in your bedroom, or even in your living room, you should consider getting Christmas-themed pillows. You can place them on your bed, a chair or couch to add a holiday vibe to your room. This Santa pillow from Target is especially cute and affordable! 

    Santa Pillow ($15.95 at Target)

  5. 5. Mini Christmas tree

    Christmas decorations are not complete without a Christmas tree. Real Christmas trees are usually expensive, and even larger artificial ones can be on the pricier side. But don’t worry because I have the solution — get a mini tree. 

    Not only are they affordable, like this one from Target, but also their small size makes them even more adorable as decorations. If you purchase this mini-Christmas tree from Target, you won’t have to worry about purchasing lights for it because they are included. 

    Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree ($12 at Target)

  6. 6. Mini stockings

  7. 7. The Grinch garland

    Some people adore decorating with Grinch-themed decorations for Christmas. He is such a classic Christmas character that it definitely adds to the fun if you want to switch up your decorations. You can do this by purchasing this Merry Grinchmas garland, which will put a super cute holiday decoration on your wall!

    Merry Grinchmas Garland ($5.39 at Oriental Trading)

  8. 8. Christmas countdown calender 

    One of the most exciting things about Christmas is counting down the days once December starts. Everyone gets excited when Christmas gets closer! You can add to the fun of counting down the days until Christmas by purchasing a decorative Christmas countdown calendar like this Santa one that you can place on your wall.

    Santa Countdown Wall Art ($19.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond)

If you purchase some of these cute and affordable decorations, you’ll be able to decorate your home and get into the holiday spirit in no time without breaking the bank. I hope that you try out some of these decorations to get your home looking festive this year for the holidays!