73 Thoughts on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

The breakdown: Viewers: 1; me, Leah (solo adventure) Cups of coffee: 2 Snack breaks: 3 Episodes: 4 Tissues: 5 Hours: 6 Tears: Actually countless

SPOILER ALERT. SO MANY SPOILERS. Do not proceed if you haven’t finished yet.

I will begin this article in a debt of gratitude to Amy and Dan Palladino, Netflix and my roommate, Sophie, for giving me the push I needed to finally begin watching Gilmore Girls. Truth be told, I am a recent fan, but my love for this series far surpassed anything I ever could’ve anticipated. I’m not kidding you when I tell you my roommate and I talked about it every SINGLE day. For months. This my journey of watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

  1. The voiceovers!!! It is happening!

  2. I smell snow!!!

  3. Lorelai and Rory walking and talking in the town square is a true delight.

  4. Luke is so proud of Rory’s article and it’s so cute.

  5. The kitchen is different!

  6. Why is nobody attempting to remember who Paul is?

  7. LOGAN?

  8. And Rory is still dating Paul?

  9. I miss Richard so much, and it breaks my heart how much Emily does.

  10. Although I have to say, I love seeing her rock jeans.

  11. And it’s endearing how much she loves Berta and her family.

  12. Lane and Zack seem so together and real-life.

  13. Paris is still making people cry, naturally...

  14. And still filled with adoration for Lorelai.

  15. The possibility of Luke and Lorelai having a kid was bizarre.

  16. Hep Alien is still rocking!

  17. I love that Michel is married to Frederick, and we get to hear a little more of his story.

  18. But the Dragonfly isn’t quite the same without our Sookie.

  19. I wish that therapy would’ve been more helpful for Lorelai and Emily.

  20. But why are Lorelai and Luke keeping things from each other??

  21. Seeing Mr. Kim was an exhilarating moment after seven seasons of ambiguity.


  23. Why isn’t Lorelai stopping this?

  24. Careerwise, it’s comforting to see that not even Rory Gilmore has everything together.

  25. I do wish that Paris and Doyle were still together. I thought they were true blue.

  26. April is having an anxiety attack about her impending graduation. Get in line, girl.

  27. The Secret Bar is a wonderful addition to Stars Hollow!

  28. This musical though...why is this ten years long?

  29. Lorelai’s reactions though...accurate.

  30. Where is Jess???

  31. I love that Rory is stepping in for the Stars Hollow Gazette. Staying true to her roots.


  33. ...aaaand he told Rory to write a book.

  34. And once more, we have Jess Mariano helping Rory get back on track in life.

  35. The scene in the graveyard is so sad.

  36. Lorelai is not happy about Rory’s book.

  37. And Lorelai is not happy with Luke either.

  38. I wish that I had more self control, but I have to watch “Fall” immediately.

  39. Lorelai is actually taking this trip. Not exactly the outdoor type, but good for her.

  40. Luke and Jess having a deep conversation is everything I need in my life.

  41. This ominous music could only mean one thing…

  42. ...and there they are: the Life and Death Brigade!

  43. And that’ll be the end of the Rory and Logan affair (finally.)

  44. Lorelai’s phone call to Emily is breaking my heart...

  45. And mending it at the same time.

  46. I am crying so much.

  47. I can’t stop.

  48. Luke is fighting for Lorelai!!! This is it!!!


  50. Rory writing in Richard’s study is beautiful.

  51. My fingers are crossed for the Dragonfly expansion!

  52. I’m so happy to see that Lorelai is putting faith in Rory and her book.

  53. A book named “Gilmore Girls” *cue my immediate tears*

  54. Emily is cursing at the DAR.

  55. And again...

  56. And AGAIN...

  57. This is everything. This is the equivalent to a mic drop.

  58. Christopher is acknowledging that they were always meant to be the Gilmore Girls.

  59. Dean’s life is in order. Props.

  60. Sookie!!! As creative and delightful as ever.

  61. “Still best friends.”

  62. Emily’s move to Nantucket suits her very well.

  63. Jess telling Luke how good he looks for the wedding >>>

  64. Rory squealing and telling Jess about her first three chapters is so exciting!

  65. Jess’s gaze in the window IS TOO MUCH FOR ME.

  66. #TeamJess forever, he’s a true gem.

  67. They’re getting married!!! They’re getting married now!

  68. Oh, my heart. The square is so beautiful.

  69. “Reflecting Light” bringing us back to Luke and Lorelai’s first dance and making me tear up.

  70. Where’s Sookie? And Jess? And Emily?

  71. But THEY’RE MARRIED. Finally!

  72. Rory is pregnant!?!?! I’m overwhelmed. I can’t breathe.

  73. This is full circle. Everything about this. Hats off to you, Amy Sherman-Palladino.


In the true spirit of the holiday season, it was magical to get to return to Stars Hollow. And I look forward to many, many more rewatches in the future: Gilmore style, with as many snacks as possible.  


Photo credit: fairfieldmirror.com