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7 Witchy Ways to Be Like Sabrina, In Honor of ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’

The new series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is coming to Netflix this Friday — which is right in time for a spooky season binge. And, if you’re like me, you’ve been dreaming of being Sabrina Spellman since the ’90s. We might not be witches, but we know seven witchy ways to be like Sabrina on the reg.

1. Create and decorate with sigils

Sigils are symbols of intent, protection or whatever the witch wishes. To create a sigil seclude yourself to silence and concentrate on your intention for the sigil. Sigils can be drawn, sewn, painted and conjured out of physical materials. After creating the sigil, you must activate it. The easiest method of activation is a transfer of energy from your body to the sigil, but there are several other ways to activate one. Decorate with the sigil, keep it in your pocket or hang it on your door, but know that the power of the sigil is always with you.

2. Grab a broom and clean things up

Cliché is not a concern because brooms are still highly symbolic and used in witchcraft. Other than the history of sexuality behind witches riding brooms, brooms sweep away the unwanted. Brooms aren’t only used to get rid of dirt and cobwebs. During rituals and spells, they are used to literally sweep away any unwanted energy, entities, etc. Brooms are most commonly used in cleansing, banishing and protection spells. But, bonus points if you can make yours fly.

3. Compile a spellbook

Like Spellman, you can have your own family spellbook or book of shadows. While a notebook will do it is important to compile a permanent guide in something fit for a witch. Leather, fur or flesh for the covers; papyrus scrolls for the pages and blood or ink for transcriptions. But really, a great grimoire is more guts than glam. What’s on the inside is all that matters. Write down your spells and incantations so generations after you remember your genius creation and look to your instructions during their practices.

4. Set up an altar

I don’t mean an altar for conducting rituals. Well, actually, I do. But I’m not endorsing any human, animal or blood rituals here. An altar is really just a sacred space to honor and collect your objects dedicated to witchcraft. Although, you can conduct rituals and offerings on your altar. But, no ritual, offering or sacred space of a witch is complete without a chalice, a wand, a pentagram, and an athame

5. Invest in candles and cauldrons

Candles, especially their colors and constituents, correspond with different planets, chakras and intentions. Choosing what candle to burn during a spell often relies on color and scent. Burning candles also sets a mood and directs intentions. And, if you’re a witch dabbling in pyromancy, candles are crucial to fire divination. Candles can also be used to put a fire under your cauldron, another important witch’s tool. Cauldrons are used for burning and mixing spells and potions, so make sure yours is fireproof.

6. Add a pinch of salt

You might remember this from our other favorite witches in Hocus Pocus, but salt is used by every witch. Witches use salt to cast circles, which they stand or sit in while casting spells. Salt is used for cleansing, banishing and protection. A clean spell is incomplete without salt.

7. Salvage some crystals

Crystals have different properties depending on how they are formed, what colors they are and where they are from. Though recently popularized by conscious culture, crystals and stones have been used by witches for years. Choosing the right ones can charge objects, incantations and environments intended for spellcasting. Beware! Don’t use crystals when casting banishing spells. The crystals will absorb the energy, which will keep the entity forever attached to them. That includes crystal jewelry and décor, too.

Maybe you’re just getting into witchcraft or you just can’t wait for the T.V. show, but these seven witchy ways to be like Sabrina will encourage your love for all things spooky. Even if it is only for October. And, judging by the elements used by Sabrina in the new trailer, you’ve got the perfect spell for a teenage, or young adult, witch. Now all you need is a talking cat–good luck!

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