7 Weird Millennial Style & Beauty Trends You Need to Know About

If your discover page on Instagram looks anything like mine, then you know just how extreme beauty and fashion bloggers have gotten nowadays. I’ve noticed how wild some new “trends” are getting, and you have got to see these seven crazy ones to believe them.

1. Wavy eyebrows

Wavy eyebrows are one of the newest eyebrow trends of 2018 and they are making a questionable splash in the beauty world. Made by simply brushing makeup glue through the brow to create a wave pattern, this ~bold~ brow just looks too photoshopped. Strong and bold brows aren’t a new trend by any means, but some are taking it to the next level with this. On a real note, I’m pretty sure even the most intense beauty blogger wouldn’t wear this out of the house. My number one question with this is, how long does it take for your eyebrow not to feel sticky?

2. Holographic lips

I’m a huge sucker for a good lipstick. As a girl who doesn’t wear much makeup, and has no clue how to contour, I stick to a good lipstick to get me through the day. However, I don’t think anyone would wear this super glittery and reflective gloss in public. The holo look could work for a themed party though. Although this sort of beauty risk could be pulled off by the right it-girl, I think for now its place is on the red carpets and costume parties.

3. Glossy eyeshadow

Naturally, I’m a sweaty gal. So why would I voluntarily make myself look even sweatier? In my humble opinion,  the glossy eyelid look does nothing but create the illusion that you forgot to take your makeup off after a sweaty night out at midtown. To each their own shiny lids, I guess.

4. See-through jeans

This is more of a style trend, but style bloggers and stores like Topshop have been sporting see-through jeans in their recent style repertoires. . These see-through jeans sum up new fashion trends perfectly; something that looks cool, edgy and trendy, but in reality, are almost impossible to wear. Just looking at these jeans make my legs feel hot and sweaty.

5. Garden eyebrows

Again, bold eyebrows seem to be the trend among beauty trends. However, this is next level extra. No one, and I mean no one, would ever walk out of their house and wear this kind of makeup around. This is haute couture but for your face. To my knowledge, only one beauty blogger has done these garden inspired spring eyebrows, but I don’t think they’ll be catching on anytime soon.

6. Track suits

I feel like people have tried to make track suits a “thing” since the dawn of time. I will admit, they are super cool. When I was eleven or twelve-years-old, Juicy track suits were all the rage. Now, with high-end brands like Tommy Hilfiger getting in the track suit game again, it seems like  they only truly belong on the runways.

Side note: the only person this doesn’t apply to is Armie Hammer. Keep doing your track suit thing boo.

7. Fur nails

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I always have my nails done. I’m not afraid to experiment, but like literally everything else on this list, this is just beyond extra. Women spend so much time and money to get rid of hair, only to put it on their nails? I don’t think so.

As you can see, people have invented a lot of weird beauty trends in just the past few months. Whether these trends stay online or make their way into every day beauty and fashion, one thing’s for sure — they all make for a good laugh.