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7 Travel Essentials You Need This Holiday Season

We’ve made it — fall has brought sub-80-degree temperatures, and pumpkin spice has arrived. With the advent of autumn comes the anticipation of the holiday season. For many students, holiday breaks ensure that traveling is on their agenda. Whether in the air or on the road, traveling can come with some complications. From a lack of personal space to flight delays, getting from point A to point B can become a “college gal who just wants to get home and eat her grandma’s pumpkin pie’s” worst nightmare. To help alleviate some of the struggles that come with traveling, I have compiled a list of seven products that will be your best friend this holiday season.

1. A Carry-It-All Bag

In order to carry many of the essentials listed below, a sturdy and roomy bag is necessary. Nothing is worse than waiting for your flight in a chilly boarding area and realizing you stuffed your sweater in your suitcase because it couldn’t fit into your carry-on. Flight delays and long road trips can easily equate to boredom, so it is important that you have access to all your travel needs. Whether you go for a stylish tote or a practical backpack, finding a bag that fits all of your necessities will make sure that no important items are left behind.

2. Comfy Travel Outfit

High heels and walking around an airport = a match made in heaven, said no one ever. When traveling, comfort should be a priority. Trust me, wearing extremely tight skinny jeans on a 5-hour flight is the definition of torture. To feel comfortable and further enjoy your traveling experience, consider sporting a pair of cute leggings with a flowy top. Add a pair of trendy sneakers and you have the perfect airport outfit.

3. Portable Charger (And Good Headphones!)

Many airports now have various charging stations, but a portable charger is a necessity for when you are on a long flight or car ride. Nothing is worse than your phone dying and having three hours left in the car. A portable charger will ensure that you’ll never have to fear not being able to scroll through Instagram to make your trip (seem) to go faster. Also, if you like to listen to music while waiting for your flight or on a road trip, good headphones are an essential. These Air Pods make listening to music and walking around the airport a breeze!

4. A Good Read

In case you forget the portable charger, having a go-to read to keep you entertained is necessary!

I find long flights and car rides to be the perfect time to dive into a new book or finish one that I have already started. Reading a book or magazine can help distract from the annoyance of waiting. Whether it be a novel or a fashion magazine, reading allows you to use travel as a time to expand your knowledge and even learn about the newest fashion trends! So, before you embark on your next flight or road trip, be sure to pick up your favorite magazine or this girl-boss guide.

5. Healthy Snacks

Sometimes those bite-size bags of pretzels provided on flights won’t cut it, so be stocked with healthy snacks is a must. As a college girl on a budget, I bring my own snacks so that I am not spending tons of money on overpriced airport food. Long traveling days can be exhausting so it’s important that you eat a mix of protein and carbohydrates to stay energized. Some of my favorite on-the-go snacks include Larabars and Sahale fruit and nut packs.

6. Packing Cubes/Space Bags

In terms of packing for a trip, packing cubes are lifesavers. If you’re like me and over-pack like a maniac, packing cubes can help you organize your belongings so you can fit more. To speed up the unpacking process, you can organize your belongings into different categories such as jeans and tops. Her Campus UFL Editor-in-Chief Darcy Schild even suggests using space bags to compress your clothes so you can make more room in your suitcase. Make the most out of a smaller suitcase and use packing cubes, you won’t regret it.

7. Lush Shampoo Bar and Solid Conditioner

Travel green this holiday season by using the Lush Shampoo Bar. Not only does this product help cut down on plastic waste (I’m looking at you, mini shampoo bottles!), but it also lasts for up to 80 washes. Instead of having to lug a big shampoo bottle in your suitcase, you can pack this small and essential oil-packed bar instead. Lush also came out with a solid conditioner that is perfect for travel. Now you can save room for other toiletries all while helping the planet. It’s a win-win.

There you have it: seven essentials to make traveling efficient, eco-friendly and a whole lot easier. Now all you have to do is book a trip and try them out for yourself!

Summerlyn is a freshman at the University of Florida studying advertising. She is an aspiring social media manager who shares a passion for all things theatre, fashion, and health. When she’s not writing for Her Campus UFL, you can find her watching Mad Men, belting Broadway hits, and cooking up some fire dorm room eats. Follow her on Instagram @summerlynmurray.
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