7 Roles of the 'Mom' in Your Friend Group

We all have that one friend who is overly prepared for everything — the one who has medicine when you need it, gives great advice and helps with anything and everything. Essentially, this friend is the mom of a friend group. I used to get offended when people used to refer to me as the mom of the group, especially my older friends. I thought they were making fun of me or calling me old. Now, I realize being the mom of the group is actually a compliment. Here are some roles us “mom friends” do that make us so great.

1. You’re always in charge

Whether it's for making those full-on decisions or simply giving directions, being the mom of the group means you're usually in charge of absolutely everything. Making dinner reservations, group chats and the overall well-being of the group falls into your hands.

2. You keep everyone on schedule

First, you have a schedule in the first place, and you stick to it. Second, you have and keep track of everyone else’s schedule. You make sure everyone makes it to their classes, appointments, meetings, interviews, etc. on time. Lastly, of course, you make sure all group outings are properly planned out and go accordingly.

3. You’re the caretaker when someone gets sick

Being the mom of the group, you usually know what's wrong with one of your friends and how to take care of it. You most likely have a cabinet (or purse) full of everything someone may need, whether it be Band-Aids, Tylenol or Vicks VapoRub. You're more than willing to risk your own well-being to make sure your loved ones are taken care of.

4. You’re everyone’s personal therapist

Everyone comes to you with their problems. Whether it be boyfriend problems or drama within the friend group, you are everyone’s confidant. Unfortunately, this often puts you in the middle of pretty awkward situations. Nonetheless, you still give pretty good advice, which is why they always keep coming back.

5. Everyone can count on you for snacks

Whether your friend group is in the library for hours on end or entering a movie theater for a GNO, you can always be counted on for snacks. Sure, it won't be a three-course meal, but your friends can be rest assured you will have some granola bars or fruit snacks in your bag.

6. You check up on them when they go MIA

Sometimes your friends go off the radar, but not for long! Soon enough they will be receiving a million calls and texts from their favorite friend asking them where they are and if they are okay. It is our job as the mom of the group to make sure no one is down having issues and dealing with them without any help.

7. You stay up waiting for your friends to get home safely

“Text me when you get home!” The mom of every friend group will anxiously await that phone call before going to sleep or continuing with their to-dos. Yes, sounds just like your actual mom. They’re here to make sure you are safe and sound.

If you are the mom of the group, there is nothing to be ashamed of. You are literally the glue that holds the friend group together. Without the “mom” of the group, no one would be able to survive.