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7 Reasons Your Significant Other Should Also be Your Best Friend

In order for a relationship to really work, it takes more than just dreamy dates and romantic gestures to make it to happily ever after – you have to be best friends, too. Here are the reasons why it’s important to have your significant other be your best friend.

1. You have more fun with your partner than you do with anyone else.A best friend is the person you enjoy spending time with the most. Regardless of whether you have or don’t have extravagant plans, it’s inevitable that you two always have a good time when you are together. Even if the day only consists of binge-watching Netflix and picking on some pizza, there is no one else you would rather have lying by your side. And often, this is more fun than a typical date anyway.

2. Your significant other can always put a smile on your face.Regardless of your mood, being with your special someone undoubtedly results in them putting a smile on your face. They have the ability to make you laugh so hard you feel like you just did 100 crunches. Abs and a loving relationship? Does it get much better?

3. You’re always excited to see them. Always.It could have only been hours since you saw them last, but you’re already looking forward to when you can see your best friend again. The only comparable feeling is when you see your server bringing you your food at your favorite restaurant. That’s how you know.

4. You have someone you can be yourself around.Your best friend accepts you for all of you — weird quirks and all. There is no pressure to order a side salad at dinner when you’re really craving that bacon burger and cheese fries. Chances are, your significant other wants the same thing. You two know everything about each other, and you’re still together.

5. You two are always in sync.You finish each other’s sentences. You can communicate through facial expressions alone. But, most importantly, you guys always know when it’s time to order pizza.

6. There are so many inside jokes others could never even begin to understand.You two share a lot of memories together – and with memories come a lot of inside jokes. If you guys can burst out laughing at things that no one else understands, you’ve found yourself a lover and a best friend.

7. Teasing. Lots of teasing.A relationship isn’t fun if you have to be serious all the time. If teasing is a general theme in all facets of your relationship, you’ve found a keeper.

A relationship is more than showing simple signs of affection. Having a best friend as your significant other makes all the difference.

Photo credit: buzzfeed.com

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