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6 Sun Bum Products that are a Must this Fall

Make every day a self-care day with these Sun Bum necessities.

With a day of tailgating ahead, I knew I needed the right products to make sure I left my apartment with hair I was proud to show off. I also wanted to return later that night with skin that wasn’t sunburnt or damaged. Sun Bum was a brand I could trust right from the get-go to protect and nourish both my skin and hair! I fell in love with their minimalistic packaging that showed that the true beauty of their products is what’s inside the bottle or tube. Their classic banana scents come from real bananas (and sometimes even their peels too). That recognizable smell brings the brand together cohesively across multiple product lines.

Sun Bum is a brand to be admired because of the ingredients they use. They’re all-natural, dermatologist-tested and made right here in the USA for more than a decade since their business debut in 2010. Sun Bum is also cruelty-free and is proud to make skincare and haircare without sulfates, parabens or gluten. All of Sun Bum’s products follow the “Hawaii Act 104 Reef Complaint,” defined as not containing octinoxate and oxybenzone, which harm our ocean’s reefs. 

They also put emphasis on raising awareness on the prevalence of skin cancer in America, seen through last year’s campaign, “We Are Not Bananas.” In the campaign, a statue in every state donned a banana costume to remind the public that we do not have peels to protect us like this fruit does.

Now that you already know some of the benefits this business offers, here are six Sun Bum products I had the chance to try and hope that you will too!

Skin Care Headband

When putting on all these skincare necessities, you don’t want your hair in the way. That’s where this nifty headband comes in. Having a small head, myself, I think this headband goes above and beyond its competitors with the adjustable Velcro that straps at the nape of your neck to have the fit you desire. Its wide cloth can keep back even the wildest of manes, so Sun Bum ensures that your hair stays dry while you tend to your skin. “For when we wanna wash our face, not our hair,” the headband’s description reads on Sun Bum’s site. ‘Nuff said!

Daily Cleanser

Cleansers must implement a sort of “tough love” approach: gentle on skin but a fighter against makeup and other products applied throughout the day that you no longer want lingering on your face. Sun Bum’s cleanser is the best of both worlds on those fronts. It wasn’t rough on my face and didn’t leave it red like I’ve found other soaps to. My baby face emerged from behind my makeup, which came off effortlessly when I put this cleanser to use. Rather than feeling raw afterwards, my skin felt soft and refreshed! 

Daily Sunscreen Moisturizer

As I mentioned before, the banana ingredients in most of Sun Bum’s line are so refreshing compared to the smell of artificial sunscreens that you can whiff a mile away. My mom always told me to put on sunscreen outside because of the smell, but with Sun Bum, you can apply it right in your bathroom. It blended in so easily to my skin, so I wasn’t battling to rub it in and risk looking paler than I already am. It made it a breeze to apply makeup on top and have the protection I needed while tailgating out in the sun. With all the values Sun Bum has about protecting people from skin cancer, you know their sunscreen is going to be the best of the best.

Revitalizing Shampoo

You know when you wash your hair, but it still doesn’t feel clean as you’re rinsing it out in the shower? You’ll never have that feeling again once you start using Sun Bum’s revitalizing shampoo. Though it’s a very thin solution coming out the bottle, it suds up quickly into sweet-smelling bubbles that reminded me of yellow Laffy Taffy candy. I seriously had to stop myself from trying a taste. The suds were easy to scrub into my scalp, and they cut through the many products used for my curls that had been in since last wash day. 

Revitalizing Hair Mask

This instantly soothed my sunburnt scalp when applied. (Yes, I still ended up burning somewhere after tailgating. Can you ever win that battle in Florida?) The hair mask was much thicker than the shampoo used right before, which was to be expected. After combing it through my hair, I waited the instructed 10 to 15 minutes. It’s easy to wait when you have an excuse to listen to three more songs on your playlist, and who doesn’t love that?

When I tell you this is the softest my hair has ever felt, I’m not kidding. I had always thought this level of silky smoothness was reserved for girls with straight hair! I scrunched in my usual mousse and dried with a microfiber towel per my usual routine, and I could already see a difference in my curls. They were much more defined than usual because of Sun Bum’s shampoo and hair mask combo.

Restoring Face Mask

As my busy day was winding down, it was time to relax. Sun Bum’s restoring face mask is a must, from its fun aqua color to its cooling, aloe vera ingredients. My skin felt so moisturized afterwards, and sure enough, that recognizable banana ingredient gave me the antioxidants I needed. Left it on for the suggested 10 to 15 minutes and almost didn’t want to take it off! 

I’d like to be transparent and remind you all that before adding a new product into your routine, make sure you test it out on a small patch of skin or hair BEFORE applying it to every square inch. I love the enthusiasm there, but everyone’s body is different, and you need to make sure the combination of ingredients doesn’t irritate you. Nevertheless, don’t let that stop you from trying the many products that Sun Bum has created with you in mind! Personally, these will be products that will be stocking my bathroom shelves in the future. “Trust the Bum” is the brand’s slogan, and it has earned mine through my usage of these six products.

Brooke is a second-year journalism major at the University of Florida. She is from Miami and is a triplet! Brooke enjoys reading fiction, watching Marvel and DC movies/shows, growing in her Christian faith and spending time with friends and family. When she's not writing for HCUFL, Brooke is also involved in UF's Tower Yearbook and Alpha Phi. She hopes to apply her passions for writing and editing in her future career.