5 Ways to Kick Off Summer With a Fresh Perspective

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Whether you’re embarking on a study abroad adventure, living it up in Gainesville, hitting the road with friends, returning to your old stomping grounds or preparing for an internship or job in a brand new city, having an unforgettable summer starts with feeling fresh––even amid Florida humidity and torrential downpours.

Thanks to our awesome sponsors, this year’s Her Campus Summer Survival Kit features everything we need to refresh the mind, body and soul––which we all know we need after a long semester of caffeine overloads and late nights spent in Lib West.

No matter your plans for the next few months, here are five ways to start your summer with a fresh perspective:

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff

During the school year, we gradually become familiar with our environment and the people around us. However, with traveling, internships and new living situations, the summer provides more opportunities for us to step outside of our comfort zone––which, in turn, means more opportunities for us to feel… well, sweaty. Luckily, Secret’s new Fresh line features 11 fun fragrances of deodorant, such as Cool Waterlily and Luxe Lavender. Each new scent lasts for 48 hours, which means you can spend less time worrying about reapplying and more time making new friends, exploring new places and being your fabulous (sweat-free) collegiette-self.

2. Find what works for you

Whether you’re sporting a backpack in the depths of Turlington Plaza, a beach bag in paradise or a professional tote in the city––the new Simply Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths make it easy for anyone to freshen up without having to lug around bulky bottles or containers. Available in two scents, Coconut Water and Mandarin Blossom, the individually packaged cloths are a must-have when traveling or going straight from the office to dinner with friends. Continue the freshness with Simply Summer’s Eve Gentle Foaming Wash, a new gentle foaming wash that cleanses away bacteria and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle a day of adventures.

3. Feed your mind with a good book

You don’t need extravagant summer travel plans to step into another place and time––that’s what books are for. If you’re craving a fast-paced novel that is jam-packed with romance, action and intensity, pick up “White Fur” by Jardine Libaire. The story follows two star-crossed-yet-forbidden lovers who adventure through New York City in the 1980s. (Love, adventure and NYC? We are already obsessed with this book.) “White Fur,” a Penguin Random House novel, is set to be released May 30 and will be the perfect book to stick in your pool bag or read on your morning commute to the office.

4. Enjoy the little things

More often than not, the spontaneous moments and memories are the ones we cherish the most. However, we sometimes forget about little things that are actually pretty important––such as keeping our teeth (and toothbrushes) clean. The Steripod clip-on toothbrush protector uses active vapors to keep your toothbrush head clean for up to three months. Plus, the pods come in fun, vibrant colors, so you can celebrate freshness without cramping your style.

5. Happy brows, happy life

All collegiettes can agree that there are few feelings in life that compare with the sensation of having freshly groomed eyebrows. With the Eyebrow Designer from essence cosmetics, your brows can be “on fleek” every day of your summer vacay. This all-in-one eyebrow pencil defines, outlines and fills in brows, and it even includes an attached brush, making it an instant makeup bag essential.

Though entering a new experience with a fresh perspective is sometimes easier said than done, we should never forget to make time for the things that make us happy. Here’s to fresh starts and making the most of the summer!