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5 Shows to Watch If You Have an Eccentric Sense of Humor

I am often noted for my sense of humor. I’ve always had a quirky side of me there to deliver a sarcastic comment whenever it’s necessary. Due to this, when it comes to TV shows, I am quite picky. I carefully choose what shows to stream, mostly based on how much they make me laugh. I have watched many shows, but some have stood out more than others. I have compiled the best five shows to watch if you’re looking for a good comedy and tend to have an eccentric sense of humor.

1. Portlandia

This show is probably the most “out there” show on this list. It is based in Portland, as represented in the title, and it follows a series of absurd characters through different sketches. The first time I watched Portlandia I didn’t really get it. The sketch was extremely random, and although I laughed, I wasn’t really sure why I did. This is a show you can jump into at any point, because it doesn’t follow a traditional storyline, which sometimes bothers people. If you can get past this, however, it is one of the most entertaining shows on Netflix. Between sketches based on a feminist bookstore in the town, to preposterous run ins with the mayor, the show covers just about anything.

It began in 2011 and has eight successful seasons, but is ending soon. The stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein have made it a critically acclaimed show. Although they are about to stop making new episodes, this is a perfect time to binge watch the series. It is something that can’t really be explained, which is truly the beauty behind it.

2. New Girl

New Girl is commonly watched by many millennials. It follows the story of a quirky young girl who moves in with three guys after going through a breakup. Zooey Deschanel plays the main character of Jess, who also played Jovie, Buddy the Elf’s love interest in Elf. She takes on a very different role, showing us what it means to completely be ourselves, without being ashamed. The men in the show, Nick, Schmidt and Winston all have unique personalities that target a specific sense of humor.

Although the storyline isn’t very deep within the series, once you get to know the characters, it’s hard to stop watching. Everytime Schmidt enters the room, I can’t help but burst out in laughter. It’s easy to follow and the characters are nothing but loveable. As soon as you hear the theme song catch phrase, “It’s Jess!”, you’ll be overjoyed with excitement.

3. Workaholics

With a similar setting as The Office, Workaholics follows three problematic college friends attempting to enter the workforce. Although they are considered working men, they are really just boys. Getting into trouble and breaking the rules is their expertise, and they’re proud of it.

There are currently seven seasons of the show. I stream it on Hulu, and I have never regretted a minute of it. Adam, Blake and Sanders are definitely not role models, but we can admire their lack of work ethic, in an odd way. Although we can’t slack to their extent, they always seem to find a way to have fun. Workaholics gives a humorous look into the workforce, which can be very enlightening.

4. Master of None

If you’ve ever heard or seen Aziz Ansari act, and haven’t seen Master of None, you need to take a look at this one. He plays a man named Dev who is a struggling actor in New York City. He isn’t really sure what he’s doing with his life, but he’s trying the best he can. (Sounds familiar.)

Ansari’s own wit is a reason in itself to watch Master of None. He is naturally funny, sometimes without even making a grin. His friends and the people he encounters all have a similar sense of humor, which only adds more to the show. He even has experiences with his parents throughout the show, who are played by his actual parents in real life. He’s not only the star, but also created the show himself.

Spoiler: Ansari’s character in the show is originally well-known as an actor because of his starring role in a Gogurt commercial. If that makes you laugh, definitely check out this Netflix original.

5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Last, but very far from least is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, one of my OG favorites. When this show was released on Netflix, I had no idea what it was. There wasn’t very much hype accompanying this show, at first. It’s definitely a bit odd, but Kimmy Schmidt has become one of my favorite TV characters.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt revolves around a woman who is rescued from a cult that she had been in for 15 years. She had no idea what the outside world was like anymore. She moves in with a gay broadway star wanna-be, and attempts to start her live all over again. Kimmy Schmidt is always in bright colors and has a smile on her face, even in the worst situations. She is extremely oblivious to many of the things around her, which makes her even funnier. Navigating the Big Apple with her sense of enthusiasm and humor with an odd crew beside her sets up the show for great comedy.

If you tend to have a drier, more absurd sense of humor, these five shows will make you want to be the characters’ best friends. Didn’t think any show’s humor could top yours? Sit back, relax and give these TV show gems a try.

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