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5 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Ahh, Valentine’s Day. It’s the one day a year dedicated to romance and love, which I find interesting because according to Victoria’s Secret, you can make even St. Patrick’s Day “sexy.” But for many years, Valentine’s Day has either been hated or loved by females for one reason or another. If you’re single it can suck, and if you’re in a relationship, it can still be stressful deciding what to gift and do for your significant other.

But have no fear! In recent years I’ve been noticing girls either going out on or around Valentine’s Day and calling it “Galentine’s Day.” They basically create a girls-night-out spinoff from Valentine’s Day, which I think is genius. Another reason to go out! Here are 5 reasons why you should grab your girlies and celebrate Galentine’s Day.

1. Your girls will always be by your side

Your girlfriends are always there for you. Your family might be far away and boys can come and go, but you should have a tight-knit group of girlfriends wherever you are. They are the only people that you can go out with on a Saturday night and talk about what happened at Sunday brunch the next morning. Friends will not judge you, but rather give you advice from personal experience and tell you the truth. So celebrate with the people who will pick up the phone or reply to your text any time of the day or night.

2. Your GFs always make everything more fun

Girls just want to have fun! I didn’t quite relate to this song until I got older and I realized how true it really is. We work hard to make money to then go and spend our money. Whether it’s shopping, eating out, or going to a theme park for the day, we don’t want the day (or party) to end. We can laugh for hours at the craziest conversations and end up going from one place to the next when we make plans. You see, men are usually much cheaper than women and plan to go one place only (crazy, right!?) when they go out. So why not go out with your girls and make a whole day and/or evening of this holiday, without anyone complaining about how much longer you’ll be out.

3. It’s easy to make plans

You and your friends have similar interests. Obviously, if you’re friends with someone, you either like the same food or same type of movies. You won’t have to worry about a conflict of interest as opposed to going out on a first date with someone, who you probably know nothing about quite yet. Making plans should be easy and carefree when planning something with your girlies, but if someone does disagree they aren’t shy to speak up and propose something else.

4. Dedicate this day to your best friends

We don’t have a day dedicated to our favorite girls. There is a national girlfriends day, which is if your significant other is a girl, and then there’s a best friends day (which could be any gender), but I could not find a day to celebrate your friends who are girls! What’s up with that?! Because of this, girls should really take this opportunity to celebrate the friends they love and show them why they mean so much to you.

5. Love is universal

Not everyone has a lover. Valentine’s Day can feel so exclusive, and you almost feel left out if you don’t have a boyfriend or even a date for the night. There’s nothing wrong with not only being single, but not talking to anyone at the moment either. Embrace and be proud of yourself for doing you and working hard towards one of your goals in life, man or no man. But don’t let a holiday that’s targeted towards love and eating large amounts of chocolate keep you from wanting to celebrate it too, whether or not you have a “lover” in your life. Love is universal, so there’s nothing wrong with showing your girl-friends how much you love them on this day.

So whether or not you have a date this Valentine’s Day, be sure to show your girl-friends some love. Honestly, you shouldn’t need a holiday to do this, but I think Galentine’s Day is one we can all agree won’t make us sob in a bath tub alone with chocolate wrappers all over our floor. Grab your girls and go have fun!

Sasha Saliba is a Telecommunications major at the University of Florida, with a concentration in Business. She has hosted multiple tv and news shows in Daytona Beach (her hometown) and in Gainesville, where she currently lives as she attends UF. Her goal is to work as news producer/anchor or be a communications director for a nationally recognized company. She is a self-proclaimed foodie and loves trying new restaurants and bars, as well as traveling. Her favorite magazine to read is Cosmopolitan.
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