5 Reasons to Get a Job While You’re in School

This is probably an idea some of us may deem unnecessary because of student loans, financial aid, Florida Prepaid or even the Bright Futures program. But there could be more to it than just some money and a shift at everyone’s favorite burrito place. We all know you’re not really studying all weekend, day and night for that exam you have the following week, so why not work something out with an employer to try and get a few hours a week for some nice payoff? Here are some huge advantages you may not have thought of while considering an extracurricular this year. Maybe if you get the work grind going, you could see a couple of other things change for you as well.

1. Earn some extra of your own cash
First off, if you’re anything like me, you like to keep track of your money by always checking your banking phone app. But that doesn’t mean you won’t splurge a couple of bucks at Krispy Kreme for you and your girls one night. By knowing you’ll see some income at least every other week, you might not feel so guilty going out to eat every once in awhile or buying some cute outfits here and there. Making your own money will help you to feel more in control of your extracurricular activities when you know you are the one solely paying them off in the end.

2. Save up for some fun
It could be a trip to see your best friend from back home or an end-of-the-year “treat yourself” gift. No matter what it is, you’ll be able to watch your savings accumulate to something more than school, which is something you already deal with every day. Having a piggy bank filled with funds at the end of the semester could get you seriously motivated in all aspects of your life to stay on track.

3. Network, network, network
Whether you’re working as a towel-folder at the gym or the internship profile within the binds of your future career, it’s important to remember that life takes you anywhere; you never know who you will meet! Working and holding a job has always been exciting for me due to my coworkers who make it weirdly fun and teach me a thing or two about life along the way; and, hey, who’s to say you won’t find some great new friends, be it a client or a peer? Your chances of a good contact coming from your job are even greater when you work with your college, which offers many different kinds of jobs all over campus. When you’re at work, you share one big thing in common, meaning you could potentially share either a professional or personal future as well.

4. Have some downtime
What? Work and school?” say the ones who have never held a job before. After a day of drama-clad conversation with your sisters or disappointing news about your critique, a distraction is much needed. Something that could be totally irrelevant to your classwork and relationships lies within the four-hour shift you’ll be spending bussing tables. You might engage in some spontaneous conversation with a stranger, complete a special task requested by the manager or even just get some time to clear your head by doing mindless handiwork. Not to mention the fact that you will be unplugged from your phone — something that’s way, way too hard to accomplish on our own time. Take advantage of the situation for a little R&R.

5. Learn about the working world
It’s no secret that we are all in college for the same reason: to succeed in bettering our future with a degree in our hands and wisdom in our hearts. Holding a job while going to school builds an immense amount of character and is one of the many ways to prepare for your adult life after your undergraduate life. Money handling, time management, work ethic and prioritizing are all skills tested by the amount of effort you put into a job title. If you build up your resume now with different experiences, you will be gaining respect for the craft of mastering a subject from those whose respect you will want to earn in the near future.

Having held a job every possible year that I have been in school has given me a higher sense of independence that I know I will be in charge of when my life after school begins. It is totally possible to balance your higher-education classes with a side job that makes you some spending money and ultimately gives you the experience you need to further yourself. Don’t be scared to send in applications to a coffee shop, boutique or even your college’s office because employers in a college town are well-known to work around your school schedule. Managers know that most applicants are in college right now and want you to work there just as much as you want to do something great for yourself. There’s no harm in picking up some hours during your school week in order to diversify your life!


Photo Credit: mprnews.org