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5 Lessons New Girl Has Taught Us

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

After four seasons on air, the quirky and hilarious characters of New Girl have given us many laughs. Although their antics and adventures have us rolling on the couch with tears in our eyes from laughing, they do teach us some important life lessons.

1. You can be alone and love it.

The best way to discover who you are is to find out who you are independent from anyone else. Throughout her dating mishaps, Jess never questions who she is because ultimately, her happiness comes from within and not from any romantic interest. 

2. Sunday isn’t the only day of rest.

Like Winston says, Saturday is a day for sleeping. Two days of sleeping? Sounds like a good weekend to me.

3. It’s okay to be weird.

Go ahead and dance naked. Sing what you want to say instead of actually speaking. Never be afraid to be yourself, no matter how odd you actually are.

4. Follow your dreams.

If Nick Miller can finally write his zombie novel (as awful as it was), then you can accomplish anything you set your mind to! With dedication and passion, anything is possible.

5. Dating apps aren’t the way to find your Prince Charming.

After watching Schmidt going on dates with women he meets on Dice, an app similar to Tinder, Jess decides to give it a try. Just like the weird dudes you find on Tinder, Jess meets many — I repeat, many — odd men on her Dice dates and concludes it’s better not to “dice” after all.


As these friends learn valuable life lessons, we do too. We just don’t have to deal with all of their embarrassing moments, and the best part is that we can learn these lessons from the comfort of our couches. 

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