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The 5 Kinds of People You Will Encounter in Your College Lecture Hall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Lecture halls are something every college student has become familiar with over the course of his or her college career. They’re a new hybrid method of education and torture where anti-morning people are all forced into social interaction at ungodly hours (any time before noon). Though they’re the bane of most students’ schedules, lectures provide a place to meet new people. However, over time, certain types of students tend to be enrolled in every class. Here’s the breakdown on your fellow note-takers.

The Online ShopperA native to the halls of lectures, the online shopper is easily spotted scrolling through the daily deals. I mean, who has time to take notes on the Industrial Revolution when there’s a flash sale on Michael Kors watches? Sitting behind this student all semester, you have witnessed them shop for clothes online, order them and then wear them to next week’s class while they shop for more clothes. I advise to avoid sitting behind them, or else you’ll suffer the fate of sub par note-taking. On the plus side, you always have a heads up when Tobi has another 50 percent-off sale. Who doesn’t love $15 pastel circle skirts?

The PledgeThough hardly ever in attendance, this student is easily identified. No, he’s not someone suffering from narcolepsy; he’s just a fraternity pledge. You’re there to witness the highs and lows of the pledge’s semester, from the twitching and dehydrated, yet well-dressed attendance of the first exam to the confident, cool letter-bearing exit after the final. 

The Teacher’s PetWhether it comes in the form of persistently asking the professor questions or rapidly fast note-taking style, every class has the teacher’s pet. Though his or her aggressive laugh at every joke the teacher attempts can get annoying after a while, you eventually will come to peace with the existence of the teacher’s pet. And depending on how well you play the game, you might even be able to borrow notes for the final.

The On-The-Go DinerThe title of this person’s autobiography will be Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day. This kid values proper sustenance to a new level. Whether it’s bringing a box of cereal to class or plugging in his or her own griddle (yes, it’s been done), there is no one more committed to a balanced breakfast than this individual.

The Attendance-Is-Required-And-That’s-The-Only-Reason-I’m-Here StudentThere is always that one student that makes it visibly obvious how much he or she would rather be doing anything else than sitting in that 8:30 a.m. lecture. Although this student’s attendance record may be perfect, his or her performance on exams may not come anywhere close to matching it.

There you have it: an analysis of the painfully familiar setting of the college lecture hall. Not every student will fall under one of these categories, so don’t take this diagnosis to heart. In the end, we’re all equally unprepared for the pop quiz that was just thrust upon on us. Rest in peace, GPA.


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