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5 Festive Fall Date Ideas for You & Your BOO!

The season of pumpkin spice and all things nice is finally upon us! Fall is the perfect season to spend time with the ones you love. It’s the best! However, after some time, it’s easy to feel like you’re doing the same fall dates over and over again. This is where you need to remind yourself that you’re not some Hallmark movie cliché. You can do so many things that aren’t your typical pumpkin patch date while also getting those fall festive feels! Here are a few unique date ideas that you and your boo can do to shake things up this spooky season!

  1. Make some festive fall masks

While we are still navigating COVID-19, masks are still an essential way to keep us all healthy and safe. If we are wearing them, why not make them festive? Go to your local craft store and pick out your favorite fall fabric! This pattern can be used to make a facemask that celebrates this wonderful time of year. Publications such as Time Magazine have published step-by-step videos to assist their viewers in making their own masks. Of course, templates and measurements can be found online and can help you unlock your crafty side!

  1. Learn a new recipe

We don’t need to limit ourselves to the typical pumpkin bread and spiced cookies. The holidays are about trying new things and finding new traditions. Learning a new recipe can be a fun and adventurous activity! Even if it doesn’t work out, what’s more romantic than a candle-lit dinner with drinks and a new fall dish that probably doesn’t look quite like the recipe’s picture? It’s about the journey, not the destination. In the case that it does work out, you have an amazing new recipe that you and your date can make to celebrate future fall seasons to come!  Here is a yummy fall recipe for butternut squash macaroni and cheese

  1. Carve fake pumpkins

I know it sounds silly to skip carving up that giant orange fruit (yes, it’s a fruit!), but hear me out. Real pumpkins can be messy, and if you live in a hot climate like Florida where a pumpkin wouldn’t last more than six days, this doesn’t seem like the best option. Fake pumpkins are more durable and obviously can last longer than the real thing. They won’t rot and are often more accessible if you don’t live near a pumpkin patch. Fake pumpkins allow you to minimize the clean-up and ultimately will look good for a longer period than other jack-o’-lanterns. Plus, if you’re not the best at carving pumpkins, like me, you can save your creation and put it up for next year’s Halloween spectacular!

  1. Make fall-themed drinks

The flavors of fall are so delicious and seem to come around exclusively this time of year. This means we must enjoy all the cider, pumpkin and cinnamon flavors we can before they’re gone! We don’t need to limit ourselves to the taste of pumpkin spice lattes. There are so many drink recipes to be explored. Grab your date and do a taste test of different kinds of drinks! Taste of Home has a master list of over 50 fall drinks that are worth a try! With that many recipes, it’s time to start tasting now!

  1. Build haunted gingerbread houses

I know this is more of a Christmas tradition, but if Tim Burton has taught me anything it’s that Halloween and Christmas can sometimes work together. This is such a fun activity during Christmas, why wouldn’t we do it for Halloween? Constructing your own haunted house with marshmallow ghosts, candy spooks and chocolate cobwebs, you can get really creative! It’s the perfect date night activity for you and your special boo!

I hope everyone has a safe and festive holiday! Happy fall and happy Halloween!

Madison is a student at The University of Florida majoring in Journalism with a minor in Graphic Design. Madison is a positive individual who loves astrology, Harry Styles, and any kind of iced coffee. When she isn't writing, you can find her shopping for plants, playing Mariokart with her friends, and perfecting her strategies for making the perfect avocado toast.
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