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5 Best Disney Movies for a Girls’ Night In

After the stress of writing papers and taking tests, it’s great to take time to relax with your girlfriends, a bag of popcorn, and a couple of classic movies. Disney movies are staples in this generation even though some of them are decades old. Besides, what’s better than watching a princess meet her Prince Charming or seeing a hero defeat the infamous evil villain? Disney movies take us to another world full of magic and animals that can talk, which is way better than movies set in the real world anyway. Here are some of the best Disney movies for a fun night in with your gal pals:

Frozen Since its release in November 2013, Frozen has been a huge hit among people of all ages. It’s understandable because the movie focuses on coming to terms with your true self, finding real love, and building a bond with your sister. Not to mention, hilarious characters like Olaf, Sven, and Oaken add great comic relief. You can tell you’re really into the movie when you’re left seething with anger after Hans admits to Anna that he just used her to get to the throne and overjoyed the moment Anna and Elsa reunite after years of separation. Plus, “Let It Go” has become an anthem for girls, inspiring us to be true to ourselves. Don’t act like you haven’t heard at least three different covers of this song and shamelessly belted out every word at the top of your lungs.

Tangled This movie is all about Rapunzel and her travels with the dashing Flynn Rider. Thanks to Flynn, Pascal the chameleon, and Maximus the horse, Rapunzel discovers the world after being hidden away for years. The first interactions between Flynn and Rapunzel will keep you laughing through the entire scene. Pascal and Maximus, though they can’t talk, act just like humans, which is equally as funny. And Rapunzel’s hair is definitely worthy of a little envy, just as this movie is worthy of being included in your set of movies for a GNI.

Hercules This is my all-time favorite Disney movie. Hunky Hercules, sarcastic Megara, and devious Hades are perfect characters to portray the classic Greek mythological story. The transition from zero to hero shows us what someone can accomplish if determination is involved and how great the results can be. The most relatable part of the movie is Megara’s struggle with falling in love. “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” is perfect for girls who struggle with losing their status as independent, single women. Despite Meg’s reluctance to fall in love, the movie really proves how far someone will go for it.

Mulan Mulan is another movie about discovering your true self and a retelling of an old Chinese tale. Mulan disguises herself as a man to join an army and becomes one of the top warriors in the preparation to defeat the Huns. Her disguise leads to a sticky situation when she falls for Shang, the captain of the army. Even after the army discovers she is a woman and sends her back home to her family, Mulan manages to save the emperor of China from being killed. “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all” is the best quote in the whole movie and convinces the captain that a girl as special as Mulan doesn’t come around every dynasty. Her bravery and determination inspires us to never give up when things around us seem tough. And who wouldn’t want Mushu as a companion?

The Little Mermaid Ariel shows us how to really catch a man in this movie. Even without a voice, the prince still fell in love with her! Ursula, the horrible villain, offers Ariel a life above water in exchange for her voice. While watching the scene, you’re thinking ‘Hello Ariel, are you dumb?’ But, like all Disney movies, there is a happily ever after. King Triton accepts Ariel’s husband, Ursula is defeated, and Ariel is transformed into a human – with a voice to sing. And let’s face it: Ariel makes me wish it were possible to tame my mane of hair with a fork. Plus, after watching this movie, you and your girlfriends can take a trip to Magic Kingdom to go on the new Journey of the Little Mermaid ride!

We may have enjoyed these movies as kids, but they’re still super fun to watch even in college! So grab some chocolate and a bag of popcorn (or two) and wind down with your girlfriends after a hectic week. Enjoy your weekend, collegiettes™!

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