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4 Ways to Challenge Yourself During Spring Break 2016

If you’re about to experience your last spring break like I am, then you know that it has to be one for the books. This needs to be the spring break that you talk about when you’re old and grey and are looking back at your craziest adventures. You aren’t at home going on a classy vacation with your family anymore. You’re ready to head off with your friends to experience the unpredictable adventures that spring break 2016 has to offer. It has to be one that you post throwback Thursday posts on Instagram for years to come. It has to be that good.

Spring break is a time to try new things and let loose. It’s a time to say no a little less and to say yes a little more. It’s a time to meet people from all over the country who are looking for the same thing as you — an incredible time with incredible people. For many college students, it’s the last big hurrah before they head off into the work world after graduation. To make the most of our spring break experiences, lets meet these following challenges.

Challenge yourself to let go
Let go of all of your stress and worries. Don’t think about the exams and grades you’re usually worrying about. Don’t think about the guy who hasn’t texted you or the guy who took a different girl on his date function. Let go of any family-related stress or worries about your future. Let go of all of your insecurities and love yourself completely for this entire week.

Challenge yourself to try something new
If you never try something new, then you’re life will always be stagnant. You have to try something new in order to grow, develop and change. I’m not talking about anything unnecessarily extreme, but you should do something fun with your friends that you wouldn’t normally do. Go skydiving, try a new type of food, go up to someone you don’t know instead of waiting to be approached, go on an adventure. The ideas are endless, and I’m sure you’ll be glad you tried something new.

Challenge yourself to put away the technology
Technology has become one of the biggest drawbacks on the journey of enjoying modern life. When you’re on your cell phone 24/7, you miss out on everything that’s going on around you. If you feel like you must Snapchat something fun, you miss those few minutes of pure joy and replace them with the feeling that you must share that moment in order to impress others. Put away the cell phone for a day and just live in the moment with your friends.

Challenge yourself to have the time of your life
Let this week be your once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Don’t hold back at all, and instead enjoy every moment of spring break. Time does fly, college will be over before you know it, and you’ll be considered an adult on your own with endless responsibilities. This is your week to be responsibility-free and enjoy yourself — you’ve earned it!

This spring break, I challenge you. I challenge you to let go of all of your stress and worries. I challenge you to try something that you’ve never tried before. I challenge you to go out on adventures and put your cell phone down for once, but most of all I challenge you to have the time of your life. Let loose this spring break. Take on all of these challenges with your favorite people.

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Hey I'm Spencer! I'm a senior journalism major with a leadership minor here at UF. I love traveling to different countries, running half marathons and spending time with my friends. This past summer I had two pr and marketing internships in NYC with fashion labels JOVANI and REISS. I'll be graduating and moving back to NYC this December.
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