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4 Music Festival Fashion Trends to Try This Year

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

With Okeechobee and Ultra just around the corner, fellow music junkies will be searching for bold outfits and trendy accessories to stand out from the mosh pit. Whether you’re going for a chill bohemian vibe or a hardcore raver attitude, music festivals are great opportunities to take fashion risks you would shy away from on a normal day. For some looks that will beat the heat and make you sparkle, check out these trends for inspiration.

1. Mesh tops

To show a little skin without feeling too exposed, pick out a sheer tee and bralette combo — you’ll look confident without going over the top. For a more reserved option, pair a black mesh tee with a black bralette. If you’re feeling daring, pop on a white mesh tee with a bright colored or metallic bralette underneath. Feel free to swap in a mesh crop top, bodysuit or tank for the tee to fit your own personal style.

2. Iron-on hair charms

These are a subtle way to have fun with your hair without weighing it down with bulky beads. They reflect off the sunlight, giving you goddess vibes and helping you pop in front of a camera. You’ll be able to hold your head up and watch musicians with ease while staying whimsical.

3. Clout Goggles

A staple of this year, Clout Goggles give your outfit a sense of humor and make for *aesthetic* Instagram posts. Switch up the lens color for yellow, pink, or checkerboard to put your own spin on it — but hey, nothing wrong with sticking with the classy white frames. If you want to channel vintage and modern vibes at the same time, Clout Goggles are a go-to accessory.

4. Kandi bracelets

Slip on some homemade kandi bracelets for jewelry that serves as a keepsake after the music dies down and you head back home. Customize them for you and your friends with your names, inside jokes and favorite colors. Show some love with a childhood throwback to the people you’re going on this electronic journey with.

Leave your overused flower crowns and headdresses behind this year. Have fun, be safe and get wild in your get-ups as you attend the most anticipated music festivals of the season!