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4 Breakthrough Bands That Should Be on Your Radar

Bands come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Although 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction have a massive following, it’s also important to support smaller bands who are just starting up. These bands can have the potential to become highly popular and how cool would it be to have known them since the beginning? Here are some bands I think you should give a listen to, and who knows maybe they’ll be your new obsession!

1. Wilderado

After opening up for Judah and the Lion for their Going to Mars Tour, Wilderado’s popularity spread like wildfire through the alt-rock world. Hailing from Los Angeles, their music’s indie-grunge Cali vibes will  always keep you in a “Coachella” state of mind. “Morning Light”, off of their Latigo EP, has an unexplainably amazing tune that is so unique to this band, and it will definitely leave you wanting more from them. Their newest song, “Sorrow” released at the beginning of April, carries a more relaxed rhythm towards the beginning, and then opens up into an eclectic array of various chords at the end. If you want to hear them live (which I  highly recommend), Wilderado  are kicking off their Summer Tour on May 1 in Lexington, Kentucky.

2. Nico Vega

Claiming their fame with the release of their self-titled album in 2009, Nico Vega creates a more modern alternative rock in their songs. A more definitive personality of the band can be seen in their song, “Beast,” from their Fury Oh Fury EP (released in 2013). “Beast”’s kills the rock game with its stratospheric amounts of electric guitars and riveting vocals. In 2016, lead singer Aja Volkman announced an “indefinite hiatus” with the band with no expected future release of music. After little forewarning, though, Nico Vega announced the release of their new song “Little Operator,” this April. Nico Vega’s newest song is fresh while still staying true to their original upbeat tones.

3. Wallows

This pop-punk trio recently saw their rise to fame in 2017 and immediately gained a large following. Wallows’ popularity is partly attributed to the stardom of one of its members, Dylan Minnette, who plays Clay in the popular series 13 Reasons Why. With the release of their debut song “Pleaser,” the sprawling Cali band gained over five million streams on Spotify and soon realized their vision as a small alternative-indie band was much more than they thought. Their first EP “Spring” was released in 2018, earning their demand in show gigs across the US. Wallows received their first big radio appearance on Sirius XM’s Alt-Nation with their exuberant, feel-good song “Pictures of Girls.” Although they have not released a US tour yet, the band will be performing at Lollapalooza in Chicago.

4. Gang of Youths

Using their Australian roots, Gang of Youths crafts a distinct, boisterous tone inspired by early alternative bands such as U2. Releasing their first album “The Positions” in 2015, which received an outstanding response from Aussie listeners, the band slowly entered into the US alternative charts. Following their six-song album titled “Let Me Be Clear” in 2016, Gang of Youths stepped up their game with their song, “Go Farther in Lightness” in 2018 which features the grandiose of the album “The Heart is a Muscle.” Primarily still touring in Australia and Europe, Gang of Youths will make a few appearances in the US on the west coast and at various music festivals throughout the summer.

Through all of the hype of big-name artists, some of the best songs and one-hit wonders come from smaller bands. So give these bands a listen and follow them on social media — and if you reach out to them, you’ll find they love to interact with fans and get feedback.

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